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Brexit beats the House of Lords – Jeff Taylor

A friend of the blog from Canada, said that they were interested in what’s happening in UK regarding Brexit. When initially searching for news last year (because I was fed up with Google recommending The Guardian and The BBC), I found that it was difficult to obtain the facts. So, have had to hunt around, a hunt which paid off, I’m now able to get up-to-date news, which isn’t propaganda or fake news.

So, I’m sharing this, as it’s current and Jeff Taylor (who’s probably more a centrist than anything else), reports factually (which can easily be confirmed via other reputable sources, like the video feeds from Parliament and House of Lords).

Basically, the UK Brexit withdraw law was passed in the Parliament last year. The House of Lords then have a chance to add amendments – which they did this week. It was then passed back to Parliament, and voted on, and all of their amendments where denied/ voted down.

From what I understand it has to go back to House of Lords again. It’s likely they will this time approve it, and not add any amendments. One of the reasons being is that they’ve made themselves unpopular already in the past and there’s talk of reform of the House of Lords (keeping one’s job springs to mind). Do we really need 800 people being paid at top tier salaries in the House of Lords – isn’t that a bit of a waste of money ?

Then next is that the law needs Royal ascent, which basically mean the Queen signing off on it – which will just happen, basically.

And, then lastly it needs to be approved by the Europe. If they don’t, then it’s a “hard Brexit” on 31-Jan-2020, ie UK leaves without a trade deal, on WTO terms. Which, from what I’ve been hearing may not be a disaster (as the scare mongers have prophesied), might actually be a better outcome for UK. It’s actually my preferred outcome, get this shitshow over and done with, and get on with sorting out UK’s real problems. But – Dunno, not an expert here regarding WTO vs Europe/UK trade agreement, and I don’t know anyone who is either.

If Europe do approve it, then UK still “leaves” Europe on 31-Jan-2020, but then there’s a Brexit implementation period (basically UK and Europe negotiating a trade deal), with final FULL leave date of 31-Dec-2020.

Most likely Europe will begrudgingly approve the law. So most likely UK will “leave” Europe on 31-Jan-2020, into the Brexit implementation period.

Or there, or there abouts, in somewhat layman’s terms. Sorry I’m not a journalist, or news blog, just putting the word out there. More I enjoy creative writing and opinions, than the hard stuff like serious journalism.

Jeff produces videos every day, and if Brexit is of interest to you, then might be worth following his channel.

I don’t know his political leaning intimately, but those that lean to the left, or are pro-Europe, or are a communist, well, he may not fit your confirmation bias. So might not be your cup of tea. Just saying …

Anyway – For me I’m a centrist, so am able to digest traditional real journalism/facts, and Jeff fulfills my inquisitiveness into what’s actually happening in politics in UK, especially regarding Brexit.

So for that, Thanks Jeff, and also Thanks for filling the void made by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, The Guardian, The Independent and the other one, forget the name, sorry about that. Should also say – thanks UK fakestream media for becoming irrelevant, and making space for new entrants, truly in this case it seems that “diversity is our strength” 🙂 Perhaps soon now I can stop paying for (on pain of a criminal record) a BBC service I don’t use, like or want, or think is relevant anymore.

Lastly, thanks to the 1000 or so new followers, over past couple of days – I don’t know where you came from (or why), but a heart felt welcome anyway. I don’t know if I can live up to your expectations, only time will tell that. A lot of the time I do photography, sometimes I write. A lot of the time I don’t blog at all.


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2 thoughts on “Brexit beats the House of Lords – Jeff Taylor

  1. I find Sky News quite good. The BBC’s bias is beyond a joke – they keep shoving their own political views into programmes like EastEnders and Holby City! – and most of the newspapers are very biased one way or another, the Guardian being one of the worst.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Only caveat, I guess is that I prefer Sky News Australia. With that said, I think out of the live news channels I have available on Youtube, Sky would be my first choice.

      BBC bully people via their proxy Capita, otherwise they’d have been sacked already. Paying money for something one doesn’t use or want, on pain of prison, is tyrannic and extortionate. The BBC has covered up for pedos (within and without). They shove radical propaganda down people’s throats. Panorama’s attempt to smear Tommy Robinson backfired on them, and exposed just how corrupt (some of) their employees and practices are :

      I’ll quickly add that I’m not a Tommy Robinson supporter, or fan, or in any way aligned with him. But I am watching his story, with interest, because he does appear to be standing up for his free speech, in a David vs Goliath battle – shedding light on some pretty dark and corrupt stuff, that fakestream media aren’t.

      Anyway – People have changed how they consume media, so BBC need to stop extorting money for something only a minority want. They can stick around, but find another funding model that isn’t just another stealth tax, like – just make the TV license optional and change the amount to reflect the number of people who want to pay it, then I guess we’ll find out if those who say they support the BBC really do when it’s costing them 2000 quid a year. The model used by other media organisations is advertising, or pay-per-view, or subscription – so they could pick one of those and get on with it too.

      Guardian, totally agree. I think the biases of the other newspapers are necessary considering how far one side has gone politically, whilst the other side has remained relatively centrist.

      If the situation persists, and opposing voices keep getting cancelled by fakestream media, cancel culture, globalist elites etc, then things will become more distributed, it’s already going that way with alternatives like telegram and bitchute.

      Kudos though to Youtube who have to a certain extent allowed somewhat free speech. (even if one has to dig quite persistently to find it)

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