Stop Sending Me Your Bloody Blogs Post I’m Not Interested

Today I received a rather amusing comment from one of my soon to be ex readers …

“Stop sending me your bloody blogs post I’m not interested” – ezztatic


Plus a quote just for you –

Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump

Their comment can be found here –

Just 😀 really … new bloggers are funny, but always seems to be somebody else’s fault apart from their own …

Fact is stranger than fiction they say … or “You couldn’t make this shit up” …

ANYWHO – No hard feelings on my side, so here’s a virtual hug if you’re having a bad day 😉 Shall I blog some kittens for you, would that make you feel better ?


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65 thoughts on “Stop Sending Me Your Bloody Blogs Post I’m Not Interested

  1. strange how people sign up to get your blog and then they expect you to throw them out!? I had the same thing, they didn’t believe me when I told them that I couldn’t throw them out, they had to just stop following me!

      1. True Don, I think the whole blogging thing is a great way for doing that.
        I used to keep a journal, it started as a class requirement in high school. I kept it up for a few years after that. it was a great help in getting my feelings out and keeping me on an even keel. I haven’t kept up with it lately, but the blogging kindof does the same thing. Only difference is that now I’m purposely trying to communicate with others and get them engaged. It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be.
        It does get really interesting sometimes. ;-

      2. So an evolution from private writing, self-expression without an audience to self-expression with an audience … really pleased for you, I think it’s good to share what we want with others, that’s art right there 🙂

  2. Did you receive a response to your reply to his rude comment? Every email notification of a post clearly has an “unsubscribe” link displayed. This is also clearly visible when one visits someone’s blog! Regards. Kevin

  3. Now I wonder how often does someone get a notification and assume that bloggers personally email their posts to people and the only logical way to fix this is to tell them to stop.

      1. A classmate came to my birthday party when I was a kid and screamed in bloody terror when she saw my toy fox terrier and our harmless old cat. Some kind of animal phobia. We had to lock them in the bedroom till she left.

      1. WHAT??? Hmm..where did my message go or is this an April Fools Joke you are playing on me? I posted thanks for the chuckle this morning with this post. I needed it! Reminds me of the times someone has said “it only hurts if I do this” and I respond “well then don’t do that!”.

  4. LOL! Yes, I have received such things myself. Many people seem to have trouble understanding that I do not really have the power to duct tape you to a chair and force you to read my words. I rather like that idea, but it has no basis in reality. One little click and you can poof me away forever. I cannot make that little click happen for you, you must do it yourself. 😉

    1. LOL … yup, love the duct tape, laughing very much … and yes “poof” unfollow button and you’ll never have to sit through my dreary posts again …

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