Rich Belly Buddha

The object of the game is to get it in the hole …

“It” being a small denomination coin of course, what else ?

Much harder than it looks, most of the tosses seemed to end up unsatisfied  … that’s life I guess 🙂 … some things take patience and a good aim …



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6 thoughts on “Rich Belly Buddha

    1. There are many interesting and enlightening facets, yes … culturally different … I think it helps a person grow, and become more themselves … perhaps lose some old ideas, or at least loosen one’s grip on them !

      1. I totally agree. I had the fortune to live in Japan for a time when I was a teenager. I had more culture shock coming back than I did waking up on our first day there. I woke to the bells of many shrines and temples, and I knew I was definitely not in Kansas anymore. It was a really cool experience.

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