Dancing Feminine Mural

“she” seems to be correctly proportioned in the chest department for a she, so I’m assuming she is a she 🙂


The skirt I’d probably get called sexist for using that to identify gender … but don’t ya know Scottish men sometimes wear kilts, which are essentially skirts for men 🙂 …  I’ve heard they are quite liberating but never tried myself … kilts that is, not skirts, whatever would the neighbors say 😉


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8 thoughts on “Dancing Feminine Mural

  1. At risk of being thought naive or unenlightened or politically incorrect, have to say – if the chest area indicates an anatomically correct depiction, then the lack of any extra appendages being displayed by that *gasp* very short skirt indicates to me, yes, it’s feminine – 🙂

  2. An image of Sita / Lakshmi, isn’t it? Emulated within Hindu culture, especially in the wedding ceremonies? Like the churches of Europe, the carvings present the catechism to the people. Well focused, thanks for posting.

    1. You’re welcome and could well be … Thailand has strong influences from Indian culture, some of the writing comes from Sanskrit and images of Hindu gods are to be seen here too … so quite possibly !

    1. 🙂 good to know, although the trouser/shorts gender stereotype is strong in me so don’t think I’ll be wearing anytime soon … never say never though !

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