Palm Fruit 2

And this is other type of fruit on the other types of palm trees … Looks like the fruit are green, which changes to black when they are “ripe” …

I suspect these are the ones that are made into palm oil for some reason … Perhaps because they look a little bit like olives … not very scientific I’m afraid … but then I’m a photographer not a botanist 🙂


Don Charisma

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5 thoughts on “Palm Fruit 2

    1. Thanks Diana, so it’s a “seminole palm ?” … and did you see the previous post, there’s a different type of fruit on that one I didn’t know name for either !

      1. Was a busy one yesterday, so just checked it now … according to wikipedia there are 2600 known species of palm trees !

        Dates grow on palm trees which I didn’t know, fairly sure they aren’t dates though …

        palmseedsthailand dot com sells maybe 10 species of palm, at least two with similar looking fruit, so hard to tell.

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