Street Food Cart

This kind of ‘cart’ is typical of street food in Thailand, they sell a lot of food from these mobile kitchens !

It’s the push-by-hand version, other ones I’ve seen have a moped attached …

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

12 thoughts on “Street Food Cart

    1. Food is so good off carts, cheap and plenty of it. Carry everything. Donairs, fish, chicken, pad thai, curry, soup, bugs (I like the crickets😆) fruit, drinks, etc. Best way to eat thai, most even take pity and tone down the heat . very friendly

      1. Thanks @Janseeger … that’s pretty much my experience, but I’m much more “fussy” eater so I tend to let her choose what’s good or not …

        They sell everything on these carts, which are often moped with sidecar … everything from fruit, to ice cream, to smoothies, to noodles/rice/meat/fish … and as my friend said above “bugs” – grasshoppers, crickets, ants … all deep fried of course !

        Most of my experiences have been positive !

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