Apologies – Behind On Comments

Dear readers, followers, friends, fellow bloggers et al …

I’m behind on responding to my comments at the moment. So I apologise if I didn’t reply, missed a comment and so I on. I didn’t do it on purpose, just please be patient.



I know what it’s like to be ignored by arrogant bloggers, it’s happened to me too … so this in entirely not my intention. I made a commitment early on in my blogging to always reply to every reader’s comment – this is social blog, not a blog-in-a-vacuum.

In the meantime :

I will always approve comments as soon as I can – provided they are legible, polite etc.

I will get through the backlog as soon as I can too 😀

Please do not let the above prevent you from commenting, I always love to hear from you, just got a little overloaded at the moment – too many plates spinning at once !

Oh, and good to see people answering other’s comments here too – healthy debates and discussions – it’s nice when that happens 😀

Warm regards

Don Charisma

(photo – morgueFile.com)


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