Happy New Year 2015

Another one bites the dust, and a new year upon us here in Asia 😀

UK, Europe, USA, Canadia and others still have fireworks to go.


Thank you to all the loyal readers of my little blog over the past year. We’ve had some real fun on this blog in 2014, and “inshalah” ( “if god wills it” – in Arabic) long may the party continue. OR … let’s bake up something really nice in the ideas kitchen this year ahead !

I haven’t been able to get out this year for the festivities, a bit under the weather with antibiotics etc – So a little video I cobbled together quickly with footage from our balcony, a few fireworks – taken an hour or so ago :

Bonus points for naming the tune and the artist 😀

(Apologies if I missed any replies on comments today, been a VERY busy one)

Those who matter don’t mind … and

Those who mind don’t matter …

– Origin unclear – quote me if you like.

Choke-dee-khra-pom …. A very polite way of saying similar to “cheers” in Thai – literal translation is “Good luck”


Warmest regards

Don Charisma

60 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015

  1. Как се движи във времето Новата 2015 година, както ние се движим във възрастта… и винаги с надежда, дори с мечти за чудеса – като децата. Дано достигнем щастливи до вечността.

    1. Perfect … had to skip the champers though, lack of funds … maybe that should be a new years resolution, champers next year !

      happy new year

      (got your email, but icloud has been playing up)

  2. Happy New Year to you, too. I look forward to your posts. And the song – isn’t that a Jimmy Durante song? The name is ‘Jada Jing Jing,’ or something. It’s a song from early TV; my parents made us watch!

    God Bless…

    1. THanks … and very very close, it’s called “Ja-da” by Alma Cogan … was brought to my attention in a TV ad for chocolate bars in the UK … something very pretty and uplifting about it …

  3. I am one of those poor suckers who will bring in the new year at work. That is what I get for picking to work in Operations at a resort I guess!

    Anyway, best wishes for the New Year and to more progress!

    Always forward!

  4. Happy New Year Don and hope you get well and off those antibiotics quickly. My husband suffered in the tropics and was on treatment for ulcers and dengue, coral cuts, malaria and you name it. I sailed through without incident. Hope 2015 sees you well, happy and whatever else you wish for yourself.

    1. It’s pretty minor, just need to take a little extra care of myself when I’m under the weather … And Irene I think you have enough Charisma for at least two people, so you’re husband’s lucky to have you 😀

      I have a few wishes for 2015 … and likewise hope yours is well and happy too 😀


      1. 😀 … calling like it is Irene … just thinking back on an incident last year, couldn’t believe how cool you handled it … ’nuff said though …

        See you soon 😀

  5. Don, the first song I heard sounded to me like Doris day . Now that being said let me take this time to wish you a happy New year, may all your wishes hopes and dreams come your way. Many blessings and peace

    1. She’s an English equivalent of Doris Day I think, probably similar era, but I’d need to check … I won’t reveal her just yet, someone’ll get it I’m sure 😀

      Blessings, happy new year


  6. Joining Team Charisma made my year climax. I’m only started, enrolling for Kindergarten next year. This is the best class I ever joined and I’m determined to learn and learn more. Thanks Don, for making a warm home for us in here, you are so welcoming. May 2015 bring with it tones of humour and blessings to multiply the charisma you got. 1hr 7 minutes to go, here in Kenya.

      1. LOL, I’m ok babe, it’s minor … and I think you’re mistaking me for the Wizard of OZ, I can’t break computers simply with the power of my mind !

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