If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.

«If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.»

— Francis Bacon

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26 thoughts on “If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.

  1. Are there still any goals that have never been tried or achieved by others?
    I was thinking about it this morning without having read your post.
    How much should I take from books written by those who tried it before and how much should I rely on myself?

    1. Good point/question … there’s plenty of things yet to be achieved, but no harm in having the same goals as others either … Books offer opinions that can help one reach goals quicker … but we need to be creative too … so balance 😀

    1. oh, I didn’t realise it was sceptic day today … still what the heck if you can’t beat ’em join ’em … I thought it was only the yanks who did that, with a believable fabricated cover story about communists, abuse, rape, sex trafficking, torture or wmds, the ulterior motive being cheap oil … North Korea would probably join the party, but they don’t have enough soldiers, missiles or money … yet …

      … 50 hail marys and 30 our fathers for you all you selfish oil grabbing narcissists …

      Still, nevermind, at least I know I’m good 😀

      And top marks for completely missing the point, which was and still is CREATIVITY ! … an area in which I seem to excel, if I do say so myself …

      OR could be that you did get it and it was a improv “offer” in which case … let’s jam away 😀

  2. and to employ those methods one must be smart and astute enough to attempt them on time otherwise it will become upside down.

  3. Evolve..wow I would say so, since being in sunny Thailand I have emerged from my chrysalis and although my butterfly wings were slightly sticky to start with I am now up, up and away…..in my world and I have been around for a while…..I now believe anything is possible..through my writing I am finding ” my voice ” where it will take me ..who knows ..but hey ho we will see……I am having fun reading other peoples blogs…well most of them ..some are just too deep for me….ha ha…learning to swim though….Loved Doncharisma..or what I have read..and can see why others do…..in life I am probably as forthright..well maybe not as much..lol..but in my writing it’s a coming….Thank you for following the ramblings of a slightly scatty English Lady who just writes what she wants and not whats topical and still …it’s early days yet…I avidly follow my stats and get so excited when I get a follow or a comment …even though everything i’ve read says “don’t get obsessed by stats ” but hey indulge me..anyway…Merry Christmas…

    1. Thailand’s lovely isn’t it ? … and, erm, don’t pay too much attention to what the clicks say on this or that … but sounds like you don’t anyway … personally I feel it’s better to know myself, and know what’s right for me … I do look at stats, they have a relevance and an importance, but they’re just one factor in a larger equation …

      Like it … anything is possible (with Charisma) LOL

      Hope speak soon again

      ‘Appy holidays !


    1. Sometimes, sometimes not … depends on the individual … A person that only speaks Chinese won’t have the methods to teach school children English. They would therefore have to seek the knowledge of English language from without in order to have a method 😀

    1. School of life philosophy … and yes I’m like the Buddhists in that respect, I take what seems right and throw away what doesn’t … know thyself more than anything 😀

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