Solidarity In Sydney

In London we have Londoners. In New York you have New Yorkers. The people from Britain are the British. People from Thailand are Thais. People from America are Americans. And so on.

So what then of people from Sydney – are they Sydney’onians ? Or Sydney’ians ? Or Sydney’ers ? Or Syndey’ists ? Or Sydney’ans ? Or Sydwegians ? Or just Syds ?

Hopefully someone’ll clear that up for me, it’s been keeping me awake at nights 😀

One of my Australian friends has sent over more photos from Sydney. People in Sydney still remain in mourning after the recent terror attack. There’s also a strong feeling of solidarity, and, obviously, standing strong together in the face of cowards. Which should remind all of us that we’re a lot stronger as communities than as individuals.

The whos, whats and whys I’m not overly concerned with here, so discussion on those issues probably won’t be entered into. Moreover, have some respect for the people who lost their lives that day, and their families and friends, if you wish to comment here.

My friend says this :

That many flowers are being added that there are now three areas covered in flowers and pavement signs. Thousands per hour are turning up with more flowers. I haven’t seen so many in years.

Sydney has found out from London, Boston and Holland that the flowers from memorials (Diana, MH17, Boston marathon) to compost all dead flowers and use the compost on a proposed memorial park. Nice idea.

He sent me these photos :

photo(7) photo(8) photo(9) photo(10) photo(11)

(Taken 4.30pm 19 Dec 2014 in Martin Place Sydney near Lindt Cafe.)

All photos (c) – all rights reserved.


Don Charisma


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57 thoughts on “Solidarity In Sydney

  1. This is nice- thanks so much. i do jusy want to say, though, (to those who suggested it in your comments) this was not a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with the gunman’s faith. He was just a madman with a gun. That is the sad, simple truth.

  2. ‘Syds’ sounds good. Rhymes with ‘suds’ and ‘spuds’. If I were an Aussie I’d be proud to be called a Syd because it sounds original and unique. 😊

    1. The term is “Sydney sider”. It comes from the sports who teams, who have fans which “side” with them. It also helps that it has a nice ring to it…. like Boston Bruins or Seattle Seahawks.

  3. Thank you for posting. As an American we often see these tragic acts of cowardice around the world as someone else’s problem. The fact, however, is that civilized societies are under siege by many who would like to see a society based on their personal beliefs, without tolerance or acceptance of other points of view. Around the world, we must stand together against these modern day barbarians. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of this tragedy in Sydney.

  4. It is so amazing to witness the outpouring of Love and togetherness that has emerged from such a horrendous act of unimaginable hatred! While my heart is sorrowful for Sydney in their loss, it also expands in delight with every example of Love shared. Thank you for being a Love link to us all!

  5. Thanks for clarifying it is Syneysider! I can see that this horrific event is akin to our 9/11 – it has brought people together and clarified their purpose.

    1. There’s always good that can come … that’s not to make light of the abhorrent nature of what happened 😀

      (PS … You’re on for a guest blog, I just announced … please confirm on the original post)

  6. As you mention and as many of these tragedies have shown us, people are stronger, and have the strength to face these senseless acts as communities. There is a temptation to respond in many different ways to something like this. Personally, I’ve always kept in mind the words of those touched by the Sandy Hook school tragedy……We Choose Love.

    1. Very apt, and agreed … the serious side of doing something about it and putting measures in place to prevent further incidence also need to be considered, so I also like the “we do not forget” … which has a double meaning, but I guess you figured that !

  7. The quote on the picture, “We are one but we are many” is so very true. I personally take it well beyond Australia to humanity the World over. All people with morality mourn for Sydney.

  8. True, they are Sydney siders. Then you have Melbournites, Brissies, Tassies, Territorians. Not sure about Adelaide or Perth – but we are all Australians, and all of us are united against extremism and hate. We grieve, but in the days to come we will be stronger.

      1. Tassies are from Tasmania. Brissies are from Brisbane and Territorians are from the Northern Territory.
        Queenslanders are also known in sporting terms as cane toads, due to the infestation, whereas those from New South Wales are cockroaches.

    1. Hi Don,

      I’m from Sydney and lived most of my life as a ‘Sydneysider’ but am now living in Melbourne but wouldn’t call myself a ‘Melbourne-ite’ as I’m not from here.

      Also in regard to the comment from razerbackwriteraus – “Tassies are from Tasmania. Brissies are from Brisbane”, I have never heard those names before, ever. My father (whose name was Don) was from Brisbane but that was a while ago so I’m not 100% sure what they call themselves now, but I can check with friends who live there.

      Tasmanians are called ‘Taswegians’ or ‘Tasmanians’, depending upon whom you’re speaking with.

      I hope that helps.


  9. Sydneysiders! Despite some of the racist rants I’ve been experiencing on my facebook I love that we have stuck together as a country. There is also an #illridewithyou hashtag trending which is all about coming out in support of the Muslim community by offering to ride with them on public transport if they don’t feel safe. Faith in humanity restored!

    1. One of the worst consequences is the hatred that Muslims must feel. Personally I accept anyone any religion, it’s the nutty-extremists are the problem. I’m guessing they’re working on a divide and conquer principle. Glad to see Australians can see that it’s not ordinary muslims that are the problem, and setting a good example to others 😀

      The only thing I don’t want is people preaching to me or trying to “save” me, those people are inching towards being binned in the nutty-extremist trashcan …

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