Hugs Or A Mercedes ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Leaking roof and warm loving hugs OR mansion with a Mercedes and a permanent long cold winter ?

The person OR what you can get from the person ?

Family member OR co-worker ?

Intimacy OR don’t trust anyone ?

Love OR security ?

Us OR me ?

Over to you …


Don Charisma

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52 thoughts on “Hugs Or A Mercedes ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. I think my life reflects the choices I’ve made…the person, the hugs, dirt poor but balls deep in love… however I am gonna bust out the pitch tar and do something about that roof. 🙂

  2. All of the above? 😉 …the Mercedes made that so hard!!
    I absolutey think we need a bit of it all in the right mix…DANG – WHY do we always have to choose?
    IF I HAVE to… I am going with ‘the person’, hugs etc.
    except… I wonder if some people show their love and intimate intent through providing security?
    And doing that can be a LOT of time and work, and some folks do not understand that it can take its toll when split down the middle trying to provide what IS needed and also provide the intimate connection. Makes me think of a drastic case of a programme I saw of a dude who LITERALLY lived right next to a rubbish dump. I forget the country, but he was up at four am and home by midnight, and he worked all as a (obviously) rubbish collector with a wagon and he had to clean out drains and all sorts (no for rubbish in bags etc)…Just to feed his wife and couple of kids.
    He was a happy fella (bone thin) and I am CONVINCED it was the drive to try provide a better life for his kids one day if he at all could…that kept him going. The support was obviously useful – and the love etc, but HOW much time did he actually get with the family? Bet your life he would take a merc and mansion if it was offered to his kids…even if it meant never seeing them again..because ALL he wanted was to get them out of poverty and allow them to have a better future. I reckon he would rather have been hated by them then see them live all their days as he has had to. The awesome thing is… when he got ‘home’ each night..his wife and kids were there to greet him and help him with some of the stuff that he had to do (which took it to midnight) – and all smiling..they would NEVER allow him – nor hate him for doing all he could to give them – all of himself.
    I have NO idea why I just wrote all that… just thought of it reading this and it made me smile.
    I have had poverty with no hugs, and medium with hugs, and medium where it felt like no hugs (but they were always there really) – I could NEVER have wealth at the cost of joy. But I could also never leave my kids in the dirt with nothing to make a good go of the future with.
    Hope the answer suffices? LMAO!! Cool post. 😀

    1. Suffice ? Belinda, that more than suffices, surpasses would be my word … and yes, you do know !

      I think it’s that old story of “shiny things” vs what’s really real … a loving family is worth more to any man (or woman) than a mercedes or a mansion … the mirage of green grass over the neighbour’s fence 😀

      Perhaps the not having makes us appreciate the having, and the reasons for being engaged in the obtaining ?


    2. I think I saw the same show. I garbage collector from England had come to join him for 10 days and share his life. He was overwhelmed by it all and actually negotiated with one of the people that he did this work for to give the man a pay rise so that it would help him a little.
      There was love in spades with that little family and I think that love is more important than all the money in the world.

      1. That’s the one…it spoke to me on so so many levels of how our society takes things for granted…
        Weren’t they amazing – that man was SO SO hardworking…and like you say… love over flowing.
        I think hardship can break or make a family 😉
        Guess it depends on what the priorities are hey.
        You KNOW what I would choose babes… but I like to look at both sides of equations. People SHOW love in different ways – you know? Like maybe a dude who works real hard to give better…but it means he gets little time with his family…. the INTENTION MUST be seen behind the action…even if we do not always agree with it or would prefer (or even presume to DO) otherwise. Love and care can be shown in so so many ways… if we are willing to see and give the benefit of the doubt.

      2. You still have my email if you need a friend, but don’t want to pry if it’s a tough time. I know I only want to speak to certain people when life’s challenging 😀

  3. Nice questioning!! I believe no matter how wealthy you are….your energy and charisma…as well as your spirit….will drawn different personalities to you…. Even your family…you can chose….not to be polluted by negativity….and find love and caring where you chose to….the only thing that stopped me…ever….have been a physical damaging medical injury…and invalidating pain…..the kind of one… can not turn your back to…and walk away…… have almost always the choice being happy….pockets full…or pockets empty….

    1. That’s lovely, and I deeply and thoroughly agree 😀 It’s who we’re being that counts, our own choices, choices we can change if we wish, or at least modify ! So many smart people on WordPress, never ceases to make me smile …

  4. Me is a very lonely place to be. I want loving warm hugs, leaky roof or no. I will say that I have had security without love, and it made me feel very insecure, so I think true love is security.
    Over to you…

    1. Had to read that a couple of times … I know, doh, it’s late here and I’m sleepy by now !

      Yes, I think you’ve cracked it there Sharon, very wise, true love brings the security, everything else just isn’t quite “it” 😀

  5. OHK Don, this is wayyyy cool and I totally get it, I do! I mean, with all so laid out so bare, its glaring what my choices oughta be! So then, its definitely plenty free hugs for me, and if I get a Mercedes too, I shant by any chance say no, nuh-uh! But hugs first and foremost! I’ll have it no other way! Wow! *phew* LOL

    Very nice one Don; thanks a whole bunch! A total, absolute crack-up and tink-tank! Great stuff! *laughing*

      1. Course you can’t, Don, didn’t half expect you to! Plus, who says I can’t have the best of both worlds ei?! My limitations only exists in my mind init?! So then I say; I want it all, by golly! Sue me! LMAO!

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