Parachute Beach Sunset Panorama

There’s a dude with a parachute, you know the ones they attach to a speedboat … better than sex, hmmm, not sure about parachuting attached a speedboat being better than sex, but each to their own !

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

12 thoughts on “Parachute Beach Sunset Panorama

  1. You have some very nice work there and a very interesting site. I had a very enjoyable visit, and I feel certain I shall be back. Read you then.

  2. I wanted to try parasailing when we were in Hawaii,my favorite place in the world to vacation – but the week before we were there some woman had fallen out of her harness to her death. My husband persuaded me not to try it – our kids were still young!

      1. I certainly hope so! I also want to do a parachute drop and a bungee jump – I may be a bit older but my sense of adventure is as strong as ever. We need to head to Hawaii again for a vacation, but then there’s Greece, and Ireland, and Russia, and Spain…so much to see! Now if I just had the money…I’m a landlocked ocean gal.

      2. LOL, know the feeling, money, if only I had more of it !

        I think age probably doesn’t make all that much difference, obviously within reasonable limits … I see elder people doing all kinds of things, there’s highly qualified scuba instructors I know who are going strong into their 60s and 70s, one guy in particular actually who’s like a little spritely teenager without the white hair and wrinkles you wouldn’t know his age !

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