Every Child Is The Same

Suits my ADD perfectly, simple, concise and straight to the heart of what kids need … and all of us for that matter … parenting manuals not needed ! Lovely post and worthy of recognition … Pressly Freshed this should be !

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Poppins Pops In

I have cared for dozens of children- some only once and some for years. Each and every one of them are exactly alike. Believe it or not, there is a universal code to raising and caring for children. It may not completely fix every problem, but I promise considering these universals will help. Each and every child craves love and attention, and more importantly deserves love and attention. They should receive copious amounts of love every day. Each and every child wants to laugh with you. They want to share those silly moments with you. Every child wants to learn from you. They look to you for social cues, they look to you for manners, they look to you to learn how to cope with difficult situations- and yes, for them the last piece of cake may very well be a difficult situation. You are their role models, and they…

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