Scottish Referendum – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Scotland, it’s the most northerly part of the UK. It’s beautifully mountainous and quite desolate in places, in contrast to built-up places like Edinburgh, which is a great buzzing metropolitan capital city. Worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

On 18-Sep-2014 the scots are voting whether to go for an independent Scotland, that is, separate from the UK or whether to remain part of the UK. A “YES” or “NO” to an independent Scotland. It’s also been brewing for hundreds of years.

This is not an event to be taken lightly, it’s a historic event, it’s outcome will have a big impact on the UK one way or another. A “YES” vote to Scotland breaking away from the UK, would have the biggest impact.

The pound dropped considerably on the news that the Scots might actually vote “YES”. Which has been speculated to be because the UK would lose the income from north sea oil and gas supplies. I actually have no way of quantifying oil/gas supplies, yes losing them might be a massive blow to UK economy, or it might be a drop in the ocean having no effect, I don’t know. In any case the UK pound against other currencies is likely to be volatile over the course of the next few days. For those who aren’t gamblers or don’t have a very strong stomach or don’t have insider information, might be best to close out on any open trades that might be affected by fluctuating GBP, prior to the announcement.

There’s some worries floating around about what will happen to the Scottish currency. Currently they use GBP the British pound, and print their own version of the money. It’s legal British tender, although the British are usually reluctant to accept the Scottish notes, much to the dismay of the Scots. There’s also talk that the Scots might adopt the Euro, that is provided the other member states of Europe want Scotland to join, perhaps they do, perhaps they don’t.

Personally I’m sceptical about what Scotland actually contributes to the UK. North sea oil and gas, we said that already, possibly, I don’t know the scale of the money. Whiskey, tweed and, erm, sheep ? … drugs, gangs, crime and poverty in the housing “schemes” ?

Hogmanay, whoops nearly forgot that, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival … Grown men wearing skirts ? *ahem*, I mean kilts 😀

The nationalistic Scots I’ve met forever whine and bitch about how they are/were the victims of English tyranny, and how the English wrongfully took over their country back in the days of kings, knights and barons … my reply to the nationalistic Scots, is vote “YES” and good luck with that, how many hundreds of years did that take you ?

A bit of Scot bashing, my sense of humour in play, fun not serious. I have Scottish friends, so I know you guys can take it. Anyway, most Scots are far better humoured than the English 😀

Bottom line, if I was a gambling man, my money would be on a “NO” vote. I think it’s a massive change, and people always fear change (good or bad), even if it means escaping the “tyranny of the English”. The pound has been steadily rising against other currencies in the lead up to the announcement. Perhaps an indicator of the markets pricing in a “NO” vote, and relieved that the north sea oil and gas are “safe” under UK control. Or could be a contrarian indicator. Markets are likely to be volatile around this news, so be careful if you have exposure to GBP currency, or exposure on related markets. Obviously do your own due diligence, and, no, this doesn’t constitute financial advice.

Whatever happens it’s a historic event, I’m very interested to hear the outcome … and joking aside, honestly happy for the Scots if they do vote “YES”, or indeed “NO”, perhaps the moans and groans about the English will cease 😀

Over to you …

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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21 thoughts on “Scottish Referendum – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Lovely Edinburgh!
    Do you know they fire a cannon at one o’clock exactly everyday from its castle?
    Watch this video.

  2. Love this post! I was in Scotland during the referendum and knew it would be close. The Highlands where I spent a good deal of time were a resounding Yes! but the lowlands weren’t having any of that!! Scottish economy is very good and I suppose the bottom line was why change something that’s working ( for the Scots purse) 😀 Personally I was hoping that they would vote yes and sadly it remains a country divided on this!! (My cousins there voted no)!!

    1. Thanks, and personally not convinced that splitting the UK anymore than it already is would be good for anyone, in the long term … however I’ve no way of quantifying it, and I’m living overseas now so it’s less of an issue …

  3. I don’t know enough about the economics of the whole thing to make an educated opinion on yes or no but you are right that it is a very historic vote. Will be interesting to say the least to see the outcome!

  4. I’ve met a few Scots in my life and I like them. Love their sense of humor and their lifestyle. I hope the outcome of the referendum will give them what they have wished for.

  5. Erm…ok! Scottish contributions? Adam Smith, Alexander Graham Bell, David Hume, John Logie Baird, James Watt, Alexander Fleming, Andrew Carnegie, John Muir, Sir Walter Scott, Billy Connolly, Greyfriars Bobby. You started and ended well, not so sure about the middle bit – lol!

    1. LOL, well if I’m getting people’s opinions, then the middle bit is perfect … I tend to put the juicy bits in the middle of the writing as it’s the least read by skimmers … so thanks for reading the whole thing, and being a good sport 😀 …

      And, also thanks for enlightening me on great Scots, it’s something which I enjoy about doing opinion posts – I learn a tremendous amount 😀

      Good luck for tomorrow, whichever way it goes … ah, and what will the UK be called if it’s a “YES” … “The Kingdom” or perhaps “The Partially United Kingdom” ?

      1. Thanks Don! Scot bet have already started paying out on no vote and poll is currently sitting at 52% no, 48% yes with 97% of 16 + in Scotland registered to vote. Very close call, roll on Friday!!

      2. You’re welcome 😀 … it’s definitely shaping up to be a very big day in Scottish, English, UK, European and world history, only time will tell if it’s seen as a good thing or a bad thing and that’ll depend on which way it goes, and what happens afterwards … And definitely roll on Friday …

  6. Reblogged this on Steve Says… and commented:
    Thanks Don! Great to hear an outsiders opinion/views on the Scottish referendum. Oh and Don, don’t knock the skirts until you’ve worn one and feel the breeze about you balls 😉

  7. Nice to hear your opinion. I don’t know a whole lot about the vote, but I do know it’s going to be a huge event, with far reaching implications. I’m leaning towards wanting to see independence but I don’t think that’s going to happen. For all the talk of freedom, people tend to fear change.

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