The Grasshopper And The Ant

One clear winter’s day, an Ant dragged out some grains of food to dry in the sun. A hungry Grasshopper passing by asked the Ant to share some of the food.

Why do you come to me for food?” asked the Ant. “What were you doing during the summer?”

“Oh”, replied the Grasshopper, “I spent the summer singing.”

“Well, then,” said the Ant, “you sang all summer, you can dance all winter.”

By Aesop

The story shows that there’s a time for work, and a time for play

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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145 thoughts on “The Grasshopper And The Ant

      1. Nope, it’s about improvised “sketches”, like we would on stage if we were doing improv … I have a name, just haven’t had time to fully develop it yet … watch this space …

      2. LOL, I’ve known ladies all my life Suz … when I completely figure them out I’m gonna write a book and call it “It Goes On” 😀

      3. Nope, just quoted you actually … and I’m just polishing off the last chapter … might get you to write the forward and the cover blurb for me 😀

      4. LOL … maybe … I reckon I’ll keep it to myself for now, don’t think it’d be in the public interest to give away the secrets of feminine “magic” … I might get lynched !

      1. LOL! I think it is the water perhaps dear. They may be a little dehydrated – poor little fellas. Maybe get them a dish next to the kettle with some water in it *.* ….

      2. Really? Ants like sugar – now who would have guessed that?
        WHy do you have sugar in your kettle?

        Oh my goodness – reminds me of that video of ‘Im a little teapot short and stout here is my handle – here is my…oh – wait a minute – I’M A SUGAR BOWL!’ BoB LOVES THAT one. I am scared to put the youtube link cos they go HUGE don’t they?

      3. LOL, sounds like a nursery rhyme they used to sing when I was about 5 😀

        I don’t have sugar in my kettle belinds, it’s near the kettle and their little army likes to invade anything that’s sugary or honey’ee …

      4. I know this dear…
        I would be concerned if you had sugar in your kettle….very…
        It is a nursery rhyme – just with a twist…it is a young sugar bowl thinking he is a teapot and then realising – he is a sugar bowl. It is heavenly beautiful and simple and lovely.

      5. You really do know how to put a smile on a girls face – you know that right? 😉
        OF COURSE you do!
        You are Sir Don Charisma!! Yes please! *curtsies* 😀

      1. LOL, that’s not cotton dear, that’s earplugs to drown out the drone of morons … I thought we were doing sign language this week ?

      2. Funny that my petulant little friend… I was talking to chief the other day and they’ve already decided your native american name is going to be “howlin’ jackass” … I said it was a bit harsh in your defence, but all the council members just laughed. Sorry kiddo, I guess you’re gonna have to learn to love “howlin’ jackass”, the whole town will know tomorrow after your “rights of passage” ceremony … I remember mine, seems like years ago now … is that a fish biting on your rod ?

      3. You and the cheif should really stop hanging out together by the fire. The peace pipe has gone to your tiny brains. None of this matters now anyway, Chuckles With Smoke Comin’ Out Of His Ears.
        …Yes, it is! Good, I need to eat before I pack my bags and run away tonight.

      4. Done. You are a strange boy, manicured nails, “howlin’ jackass” is about right … take the horse, cheif’ll be here all night, he catches most fish when it’s dark …

      5. Thankyou howlin’ jackass, oh, that’s what you look like, damn the jackass bit was right too … ah, yes that’s a little trick my father taught me, he had me removing fish hooks blindfold … strange man, but he taught me the important things in life … yes he was a little pissed about having to swim home last time, lucky we brought the big canoe this time … you wait there while I load your wheelchair, I’ll be back and lift you into the canoe …

      6. You know, I can still kick your ass. Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you. Plus, you know he was OUR father, and he didn’t know women wore their hair long. Not my fault mom lost her’s to the grazing buffalo….He pissed all over your pipe. I’d say he was pissed. Oh, you know you’d miss my chair if we didn’t bring it along. How else would we carry your groceries? Eaten enough yet…

      7. LOL, I like you’ve got a set of balls on you, no would call you a sissy, even with no legs … but not necessary with me I’m your older brother, I’d still love you anyway dude … didn’t know about the pipe, still the guy was insane, so doesn’t surprise me … RIP anyway mum and dad … Always you with the groceries, trying to think on positive sides, I love you for that kiddo … eaten, ah, yes, thanks, you can finish that salmon, nothing like fresh …

      8. LOL, they used to call me “goldfish magpie” on account of my short attention spam, and liking for bling, sorry I can’t help it bro … there you go, all comfy now ? … your turn to row bro, I wanna have a relax, long day for me … how’s your boyfriend by the way ?

      9. And you wonder why I like nice nails…? My my, big brother you need this mirror more than I do. Comfy, indeed. I always row. Its how I keep these muscles. You know? It hurts my feelings when you call me bro. I’m your sister. How will you ever get me married off if you don’t call me Waves With Finger? He’s dead…

      10. The nails figures, sorry bro, I mean sis, ah this LBGT thing confuses me, now you want me to call you sis even though your a boy … confusing … sorry didn’t mean to hurt your feelings … I think you’re old enough now sis to stop giving the finger, it was funny when you were younger, but you know how our community is about profanity … you’re “rights of passage” is tomorrow, better start acting like a man, even if you do want me to call you sister !

      11. Yeah, I know bro, ahem, I mean sis … the tribal council has me listed for a solitude ceremony, their hoping it’ll clear itself then … the things I do for you br … ahem … sis … tying flowers, you’ll have me painting your nails next … ah come on you’ve gotta go, everyone’s gonna be there, “little cockerel” your boyfriend will be there 😀 … we’re having fry-bread and all the traditional foods you love … plus you’ll get to sing, you know you always love to sing …

      12. We can only try … and enough times, their earplugs for the morons, I though I did take them out … who’s dead ?

        Yes you’ll enjoy it … ok if I call you bris, not really sis rolling off my tongue …

      13. Little cockerel…he died last week. The wolves got him after the moon rising ceremony. Which worked out well since I caught him with “dips alot”.

        Should I sing that song by boy george…? LOL …Bris is fine, but remember I can kick your butt. Tread lightly…I want fried bread now…

      14. Bris you need to chill out, life’s too short for all that aggression, you’ll go bald … oh, and shit, sorry I didn’t know about your boyfriend, should have really, why didn’t you tell me ? … which boy george song ?

      15. LOL, perhaps, mohawk is a little too aggressive for me, I’m a lover not a fighter …. but cool hair never-the-less … and don’t worry that guy never left, he’s just getting better at being there without you knowing he’s there … anyway bris, this is enough about me, shouldn’t you be practising your song for tomorrow … drummer boy or culture club ?

      16. By the way, I like your new peace sign necklace. I get it now…. LOL …. I’m singing culture club for sure. It is summer and all….drummer boy just wouldn’t make sense and we both know how much we natives hate the winter. I was thinking I could ride in on my wheelchair, flowers and all, to the intro and then belt it out as I flug my flowers about. What do you think…send the right message? You know, 18 and glory bound or old enough to be legal… this is my passage into adulthood correct?

      17. LOL, sounds a bit dramatic, the community just happy for you to show up … but up to you, it’s your ceremony … and yup, you’ll officially be allowed to go where you weren’t before, your new boyfriend when you find one will be happy … how cool is that !

        Here I’m putting the necklace on you bris, you need a little more peace in your life … ok you can stop rowing now we’re nearly there … pass me the rope …

      18. LOL…but they’re making fried bread. I should do a bit more than sing. Go? You mean to Vegas, cause that’s my plan. No man for me.

        Thanks, Smoke. Appreciate the bling…tie us to that tree. I’ll just shimmy up the rope since my muscles are at their peak. You grab the chair and your groceries. I think we’ve missed the ceremony. ..

      19. Fry-bread, yes we’re famous for it … Vegas, not sure bris … not so much call for legless strippers these days, but maybe there’s a niche, wouldn’t want to kill your dreams …

        Looks better on you and your more peaceful already … ok, shimmy up the rope, I’ll bring the rest … and no dozy, it’s tomorrow your ceremony … tonight you can rest up and practice singing like boy george …

        might you don’t fall in now !

      20. Well…I waa hoping to sing, you ass. Just like a native beast to think of stripers…

        Thanks…I think. I do need to rest! I had no idea you’d want to camp so far away. Don’t forget to start the fire. You still afraid of the bumblebees, huh? Stop flailing around it’ll only make it worse.

        Look one hand….

      21. Same Audrey, let’s resurrect the project, I sent you an email with a graphic, didn’t hear anything back … basically it’s gonna need both of use driving it …

        Well done too, I’m tough, and you do like to make it hard on yourself, but part of the fun 😀

    1. Yes, pretty much agree, except when I find them floating in my tea !

      I have suicide ants here who like to go inside my kettle … oh and they are sugar addicts too, love honey so much they get stuck in it …

  1. The modern version:

    One clear winter’s day, an Ant dragged out some grains of food to dry in the sun. A hungry Praying Mantis passing by asked the Ant to share some of the food.

    Why do you come to me for food?” asked the Ant. “What were you doing during the summer?”

    “Oh”, replied the Praying Mantis, “I spent the summer singing.”

    “Well, then,” said the Ant, “you sang all summer, you can dance all winter.”

    At which point the Praying Mantis are the ant.

    By Unknown

    The story shows that there’s a time to be a smart ass, and a time to be hospitable.

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