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Melt My Ice

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Mereka memintaku untuk mengikuti kata hati, lalu setelah itu hati kembali patah lagi. Beruntunglah Tuhan menciptakan logika sebagai penyeimbang, bahwa hati mengarah rapuh logika membawa sembuh. Logika mengajarkan bahwa laut dan pantai adalah dua hal yang… Continue reading Melt My Ice

(NSFW) Birds Of Prey – It’s A Garbage Movie – The Critical Drinker

The Critical Drinker turned up on my feed sometime ago. I find his reviews entertaining, and not pandering to minority political narrative. I seem to remember him saying he’s an bestselling author himself (although I never checked). He also seems to improve the more he drinks.

I’d say his reviews are for grown ups, he does use profanity, so maybe not full volume at work, hence – NSFW

*Yawn* … another female empowerment movie.

Something about going broke ? Dunno can’t quite remember that idiom.

Anyway …

(Nearly 500K views in 3 days, *WOW* not bad for indie media review) :

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