Death Of A Bee

I found this little fella on my doorstep. It was just on it’s last legs at the end of the day, and was dead by the time I took the second photo.

I love watching bees around the garden, their disproportionate size compared to their tiny wings. Sadly they are in trouble and their numbers are on a steep decline around the world.



Taken London, UK © dannyboybroderick

40 thoughts on “Death Of A Bee

  1. Omg this is beautiful, Don! This reminds me of the cute bee on one of Barbie films though, if I’m not mistaken it was on the one titled Barbie Fairytopia or Mermaidia? Lol something like that, not necessary 😛 but this one is lovely! 🙂

  2. Hi Don. It is sad to find a dead bee but here’s a couple of useful bits of info.
    It’s likely not a fella but a lass. B movie was incorrect. The girls do all the foraging.
    In some cases a dead bee may not be if you can give her a drop of honey she may just be shattered, cold or resting. Or a bit ‘drink’ from nectar she’s collected.
    Thirdly bees dead on a pavement is a natural thing. The bee life span in winter is around six weeks. Their last job for the colony is foraging. If she dies away from the hive it’s better for colony health too.
    Bee colonies are in trouble but single bees who come to their end in this way are not necessarily a terrible sign. Cheers Lizard!

    1. Thanks for the info Lizard. Interesting the info about giving them a little nectar. I did wonder if they were just a bit tired, but then she just stopped moving :(. I’ll make sure I have some honey to hand next time.

      1. No worries. Honey’s not easy to have to hand : ) in which case a drop of sugary water might do. And if she was moving it might help.

  3. It’s important to plant flowers for bees in your gardens and to leave them organic. Unfortunately the supply of safe food is dwindling for bees, much the same as it’s dwindling for people. We need to stop poisoning our land with toxin chemicals. Shop local and organic and the bees will be happier.

    1. Otaku , a stinging remark. I saw a video about a sloth crossing a rode and fortunately the motorscooter stopped. This creature looked as if its legs had been poached, yuck he did make it to the other side. then there was ..who knows . But just seeing Mr. Charisma’s banner brought circus novelty type chills .
      Your peacock is so beautiful but I kept thinking he’s always dressed up. How about a jean day, sometime? Thanks good by.

  4. So sad. They are so precious. I was watching a tiny bee this evening on my Alliums. I spend a lot of time each day rescuing bees, they fly into my greenhouse and can not escape, so I capture them in a glass and watch them fly away.

    1. 🙂 I try to do that with insects trapped in the house, or ones I don’t want to be in the house. One I can’t shoo out though is ants. The deadly powder comes out for those critters.

  5. That makes me kind of sad. Normally I would just be shooing those things away but I kind of have a different perspective now. In Texas we also have the bumblebee which is about three times as big as that little bee. 🙂 their buzz is so loud!

      1. You know another thing I realized a while back is that there are no more fireflies here in my area either. I remember seeing them in my backyard at night as a kid. 😦

  6. It is surprising how few people realize the importance of bees, even wasps. Our America is in bad shape all around. So many problems. Your photos are beautiful along the side.

  7. I love taking pictures of bees too. They are so cute and so important for the environment. Seeing them in my mum’s garden fills me with joy

      1. Checked out some various blogs and websites. And the general consensus is various shades of yellow, brown, red, black and white. So the European bumble was either a lovely shade of the red and or brown. 🙂

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