Big Sky Beach Sunset Panorama #2

A vast number of photos joined together by a special distillation process, to form a very large sky.

Taken last year …

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

65 thoughts on “Big Sky Beach Sunset Panorama #2

  1. I like the clouds because I find thousand forms and faces, as in this photo, for example! this has indeed a lot of faces… 🙂
    thank you for sharing your photos 🙂

      1. do I see the head of a dove but the donkey where it is?
        And then hight, to the center of the clouds, there is a baby that from a kiss to a man with the glasses. Will it be her father? Her grandfather?

      1. Just busy answering a question someone asked me about friendship…it is nice to have company whilst doing it….
        Sorry. 😦
        …. 😆

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