Beautiful Bird

Wow, now this is how to show off. A full on display of nature at it’s best.

Of course, the colourful peacocks are the males of the species. As is typical in the animal world, it’s the men that have to show why it’s worth mating with them. Us humans have of course progressed to the next level, allowing the females to put on the impressive show of beauty…

At least some of the time.


Taken UK © dannyboybroderick

68 thoughts on “Beautiful Bird

  1. Reblogged this on achandrablog and commented:
    Is there a slight microagression embedded within the comment that “we have progressed to the next level, allowing the females to put on the impressive show of beauty?” Are we somehow saying women are an “exotic” show with a purpose to entertain?

  2. Hi Don,
    Those peacocks are really something else, but have you ever seen an all white one. They look like they are parading around in a Bridal gown. Stunning!

    1. Hey Babu, this is Danny’s post … and it’s me Don commenting … I’ve added the press-this button, it’s the last one … I also took the opportunity to change to the icon buttons, they look neater on the page … so thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that 😀

      Warm regards


      1. Hi Danny / Don,

        So kind of you. I am very sorry I had to bother with this trivial matter. Frankly, didn’t expect such a super fast response. 🙂

        Thanks Danny / Don.

        Babu, Suresh

      2. Don, there is nothing humble about it; it’s the reality. No.2 guy decides what he wants, how he wants, why he wants and when he wants whereas, the No.1 guy, everything is decided by others. Even his going to loo is decided by others. 🙂

        Not everyone knows the power of being no.2. 🙂

        Nice day.

        Babu, Suresh

      3. Hi Don,

        Just got up and saw your message. The main difference and that being a major advantage of using Press is, we can prevent images getting stored in our media library; we can use image urls from the source blog post we wish to publish in our blogs. This is not possible by using Reblog.

        Pleasant day.

        Babu, Suresh

      4. Hi Danny,

        Usually, I would start the day with Don’s but today calling it a day with Don’s and of course with Danny’s blessings. 🙂

        Babu, Suresh

  3. “Us humans have of course progressed to the next level, allowing the females to put on the impressive show of beauty…”

    I wouldn’t call it having progressed, I’d refer to it as trying to do everything bass akwards

    It’s a bit amusing, but believe it or not, male humans are still the peacocks, and they rarely miss an opportunity to flaunt their plumage 🙂

  4. My favorite bird. I’m always happy to see a great shot of these heavenly creatures.

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