Songthaew – “Song Tail”

Songthaew, pronounced like “song-tail” is the Thai equivalent of a bus.

For 10 baht fare (20p English, 30c USD) you can travel a fair distance locally, couple of miles at least. It’s basically a modified pickup truck, with some seats, a roof and some railings to stop one falling out.

The above shot had some kind of HDR hickup with the double exposure on the power cables. I like it anyway, adds some artisitic quality, so what the heck. The stainless steel railings on the left are typical Thai design.

This one I took specifically for the post, I thought the line of Songthaews looked cool … it’s one of the local temples in the background, I keep meaning to go for a shoot there.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

8 thoughts on “Songthaew – “Song Tail”

    1. Good deal 😀 … and yes it’s not so cheap in UK either … there’s potential safety issues with the transport here, but the only person I know who had a problem, well it sounded more like their fault than anything !

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