Mangosteen is a tropical fruit, tastes great, got a citrusy tang to it. It’s quite similar to a lychee, except not as chewy.

Sometimes, I’m guessing when they are “in season”, I’ve seen pick-up trucks with these being sold off the back. They do the same with limes and water melons.

Enjoy 😀

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

98 thoughts on “Mangosteen

    1. Thanks Karen, the one on the right is the Durians, a posted a full shot a few days ago … use the search on my sidebar – “durian” or “durians” 😀

  1. i dont know if the name is mangosteen, i just know the name of this fruit in my language, sawo. I can get mangosteen everywhere in my city haha

  2. I have actually tried this before when I was visiting Hong Kong a few summers ago. It might be just me…but I thought it tasted like vanilla yogurt.

  3. Friends in Sri Lanka have armed guards under the trees of mangosteen, so highly are they prized…

    We have a couple of young trees here…but no fruit yet…

      1. If only!
        We’ve messed off to Costa Rica to get away from the societal control freakery that is modern France…so can grow mangosteen in peace!

  4. Love it when someone identifies a strange new fruit. Strange to me, anyway. The “80” sign looks like the old score keeping signs judges used to hold up at gymnastics competitions. “80” sounds very good indeed.

    1. Awesome, so I taught someone something new today 😀 … the 80 is the price in baht, 80 THB is around 1.60GBP or bit over $2 usd … presumably for a kilo …

  5. They’re good and almost always eaten with durians. They supposedly balance each other out. The juice from the mangosteens can stain clothes purple!

    1. LOL, i know, I was talking to someone else about that, probably would have been used as a dye a long time ago … stains my hands, but my girlfriend likes to peel them for me, so not so much of a worry 😀

      1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 nooo, wait a sec.. ehm,,, wellll…. that’s because those half spherical elements.. dunno! .. Ok, better to go to sleep 😀

    1. Looks similar, but you wouldn’t like to eat the whole thing, the outer skin the purple bit is quite thick, and bitter … inside it’s like a lychee …

      1. Hah, serves me right for not paying attention, eh? (I didn’t remember seeing the interior on your previous post.)

    1. Not sure they were banned in USA because of some fruit fly, which now has been lifted … the skins are quite thick, purple and stain your hands a little … but taste nice, usually get my girlfriend to peel them, she likes doing things for me 😀

      1. OF COURSE…she would not want you to stain your hands with purple! 😛 Plus those skins must take some talent to remove.
        I wonder if you could use the skin as some sort of a dye for stuff?

      2. Almost definitely a dye, at least in days gone by … she likes peeling fruit and doing stuff for me, I wouldn’t want to take that away from her, that’d be mean wouldn’t it ?

      3. It would be mean. It is more of a pleasure to give then to receive I have heard. And you are right. I get frustrated if I cannot do things for my people. It is not just a love or respect thing…it is a need. To have the opportunity to give…always a winner 😉
        Would be different if you demanded it come hell or high water…which I somehow cannot imagine…
        So…she enjoys – you enjoy. Stunning stuff 😉

      4. Just the order of things, it works well, I don’t question such things … and I think that’s what my “don’t let the bastards” post was really about, doing things for each other … it’s being in relationship with others rather than out of it …

      5. LMAO!!! Does that mean I am JUST SO much more than any body else in my ability to get being an Idiot JUST right? Cos I got the bestest version of being an Idiot – and the rest of the world ARE ALL WRONG?!! 😛

      6. LMAO! Excellent!! Reminds me of the girlfriend manual 😛
        …sadly I got a straight four … firing on two most days….
        and my kids all have V12’s!!!

      7. LOL … yes for sure, trick is to turn writing about negative things into positive writing … Danny’s a very positive influence, as are you dear 😀 … V12’s wow your kids are super-kids !

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