Bird Footprints In The Evening Sand

I’d like to publish more of these pattern type photos I’ve been taking. This one is of some bird footprints in the sand, taken whilst I’m out on my evening sunset shoot.

Enjoy 😀


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

60 thoughts on “Bird Footprints In The Evening Sand

  1. A good shot – the sort that makes you think. Being a B&W photographer I appreciate patterns. Have you thought of looking at your “patterns” in B&W?
    Hoping you continue to have a “quiet” coup. Des.

    1. I hadn’t thought of it … B&W can make a photo look better, often seen this in portrait shots, which it’s terribly challening to get the colours right on … thanks for suggesting, as you know PS will do B&W in an instant, so I’ll experiment …

      It’s quiet here… there was some smoke in the air this evening, don’t know the source, a little worrying as last time it was a major fire in some shops … hopefully it’ll just be some locals burning rubbish !

      1. So far this morning, I am breathing. The back pain that left me paralysed yesterday is being held at bay by Voltarin and heat packs. I’m hoping the day will progress a little better rofl

      2. Sorry for that hun, was trying to tempt your sense of humour, but sometimes it doesn’t pay off … hope your day will improve 😀

      3. Suz, you’re one of the best, I can tell you I love you when I’m drunk and you’d still speak to me the next day … I don’t have many friends like that !

  2. This is nice…I have a really cool one from wave patterns on the sand.Those are nice!

    1. We had a high tide and I think there are worms that come up … it’s OK where I am Irene, I’m clear of bangkok, and will start stocking up on supplies today … and making any arrangements, plans, contingencies …

  3. Very nice! It almost seems like there is something underlying the sand with all of those bird footprints.

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