Breathing- Don Charisma’s Prompt

DailyMusings has done this lovely piece in response to my “Breathing” prompt –
I’ve done a little yogic breathing (Pranayama) myself and can attest it’s helpfulness 😀
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A Day In The Life


Breathing- Don Charisma’s Prompt

I started taking Yoga years ago in an attempt to manage stress, and find some “calm.”  High strung by nature, I was my own worst enemy in terms of getting worked up over things, overwrought over things and just generally blowing things out of proportion and later regretting it. It was in my Yoga class that I learned about breathing. How important it is to our well being. How important it is to be aware of how we breathe. How breathing properly can counteract the effects of stress. I loved the end of the class when the teacher would put in the Dr Andrew Weil CD, his deep voice walking us through the steps of how to breathe, being mindful of it. I kept that voice in my head all day… when I would start losing patience over something trivial, when the person ahead of me…

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