Breathing – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Breathing”


David Blaine managed 45 days without food suspended in a plastic box near London’s Tower Bridge. I saw him when he emerged he was VERY vulnerable and weak, and in a very bad way. He’s since I believe made a full recovery.

It’s said that a person can survive up to 14 days without water.

Without air the brain dies in a matter of minutes. Without the brain, the body cannot continue, so it’s death, game over.

My point ? Breathing is the most important basic function of the body.

The main scientific purpose of breathing is to obtain oxygen which is used by the body to “burn” food, the body’s fuel. The main waste product carbon dioxide is expelled in breathing. Other unwanteds are also expelled in the breath.

Breathing is also connected to our inner emotional lives. So hence the prompt.

As a side note – I have a friend on WordPress who has had breathing difficulties his whole life. He likes to be known as “Big-T”. Drop by and visit him – … He’s a lovely guy, mention me, he’d like that 🙂

DO – Sit, walk, lay down, whichever is preferable (sitting or laying with my eyes closed is preferable to me). Make yourself as comfortable as possible in any case. Become aware of the air coming into and going out of your lungs. Do not try to “do a breathing exercise”, or get it right, just breath however you feel is “correct” – trust yourself to get it right. Notice how sometimes you are consciously breathing, that is you seem to be deciding to breath in and breath out. Also you may notice that sometimes you don’t seem to make the decision it happens on it’s own. Of most importance is just that you are being aware of your breathing. Do for as long as you can. If your attention gets distracted, then just bring it back to being aware of your breathing. Attention does get distracted, this is normal and ordinary, no problem, just try again.

Meditators spend hours (days in some cases) doing this meditation or variations of the same. Most “ordinary” people only have a few minutes perhaps before sleep, just after waking and during breaks. However one can do it is beneficial.

This meditation is called “awareness of breath”. It can sharpen one’s focus and concentration. It helps to calm a troubled or overactive mind, aka relaxation. For those that are disconnected from their emotions, it can be a way to reconnect. Patience and persistence are required in any meditation – a strong determination 🙂


Write about it. Design it. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Compose it. Play it. Whatever it. Publish it. Job Done.

Do it because you want to try something new, learn something, not for a reward. Pingback me and leave a comment with the link to your work.


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38 thoughts on “Breathing – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. You made a lot of great points here. I agree that breathing is the most important function of the body because when it stops everything will stop functioning too. As someone suffering from a breathing problem I can not be more sure of this. If I could have even just a whole day without having to gasp for air, I’d be very happy. I’ve been doing breathing exercise to cope with it.

    – Olivia Clark

    1. Hey Olivia, there’s a link in the article to my friend, you might like to get in touch with him, his a nice man 😀

      I think most take breathing for granted, including myself … and I can see that with breathing difficulties, how you’d want to spread awareness, so that are others are aware how precious the ability to breath is …

      Warm regards


  2. Hey Don, thanks for the attribute to my blog post, “100 days of blessings.” As a pulmonary patient, I can attest to yoga’s positive impacts on my life, physically and spiritually. Meditation, of course, is a big part of that as well. Keep in touch brother. — Big T

    1. You are welcome my friend, and out of anyone I know you probably are the most aware of how important breathing is. Thanks for the tip on yoga, I’ve done a little of the yogic breathing excercises myself and also found them to be beneficial. Speak soon dude 🙂 Don

    1. Well it’s a prompt and the purpose of a prompt is to give the prompt’ee an idea to work from … So that’s the purpose of this …



  3. I do so have the most splendid post/poem (gees TWO actually) for this – but it is an older one already published. May I link up to you as and edit and leave a link here – or would you prefer I do not do so? No matter either way hey 😉

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