Spinning Plates With Charisma

For – Eric, a cooler man and bigness of heart I’m sure I don’t recall knowing.


Spinning plates with charisma is impossible. Don’t even try it, you might break some plates or you might strain your brain. What a dumb ass idea Don, really … stop playing with it you’ll go blind !



Spinning plates, multi-tasking for the nimble of fingers. Doable ? yes I’ve seen it on TV. Doable with Charisma ? Now there’s a tall tale for the limited in brain cells … or imagination. Pick your weapon of choice.

Imagine if you will the interior of the mind, the expanse of the memory banks and the central processing units within. What lies beyond the thoughts of Megan Fox … or did I set the alarm ?

Deeper within the depths of the mind, lies a greater capability, a power yet realised. To play chess one can do, but to play multiple chess games simultaneously a grandmaster at each game, fifty at the same time, impossible, it’s like pink elephants, they don’t exist.

Or not, I did say anything is possible with Charisma. For this there is a double meaning, one of surprise, the other of limitlessness.

So what can be dreamed, imagined, beyond the limits ? Can it be that the supercomputer within is able to spin many more plates than a physical man can do ? Sure, I’ve done it many times, well I do lie a little, it’s chess that I play in the imagination, at grandmaster level on a million chess boards at the same time. Chess and spinning plates not that much different are.

Inception I have seen, cities built in the mind by imagination architects, dreams traversed, deeper and deeper into imagination. Impossible ? or the truth of an imagination who wrote of something real ?

Who knows … anything is possible with Charisma … after all …



Bottom feeders like summaries, so here it is …


Spinning plates with charisma is impossible. Don’t even try it, you might break some plates or you might strain your brain. What a dumb ass idea Don, really … stop playing with it you’ll go blind !

… pizza, yay !, I love pizza …

Watching out for the yellow Giraffes could be a smart move today 😀


Don Charisma

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Spinning females – morgueFile.com

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15 thoughts on “Spinning Plates With Charisma

  1. Ah, the power of the human imagination…

    I can close my eyes and envision thousands of exotic worlds, in infinite detail, each one different from the rest, scattered across the cosmos. I can plot endless storylines, each one fully developed beginning to end. I can spin countless plates (with charisma, mind you) and not break a one.


    Physically, in the “real” world I am only capable of a finite number of activities…limited only to what I can START, PROCESS and COMPLETE to the best of my creative skills in a reasonable period of time. To attempt too much at once leads to chaos because even though the brain can imagine endless possibilities, our conscious perception is distracted by physical reality…our job, our health, which bills to pay, why is my neighbor playing that music so loud while I’m trying to work…damn, that picture of the spinning teacups is making me dizzy!!

    Don, I believe this goes back to your point about finding balance between the ordinary and the creative in your “Offers – Creating Creativity” post. The imagination and physical reality are connected. They interact and affect each other. There’s no separating them. It’s important that we reconcile the two and find that balance in order to secure creative success.

    Such a simple concept but so difficult to achieve. That’s the challenge, not only for creative people but for everyone if they’re to reach their true potential as individuals.

    Whew, I think my brain exploded.

    Thanks for the opportunity to join in this discussion. I’ve learned a lot about myself both creatively and personally. Best of all I think I’ve got a better handle on how to maintain that balance and conquer those periods of creative block when they arise.

    Best wishes to you, Don.


    1. You’re welcome Eric, your “offer” fitted very well with my theme today, perhaps I’ll do “creating serendipity” later … somewhere’s there a balance between entertainment and teaching, and largely I’ve decided to have fun learning where it is …

      Agree entirely with the limits, but I reckon humans are far more limitless than they give themselves credit for … also don’t they reckon 90% of the brain isn’t used, or they don’t know what it does …

      You already have an open imagination my friend, which I reckon is a big head start to be spinning plates with charisma 😀



  2. My little girl went on her first teacups last weekend 😀
    As fro spinning plates – gotto give that a whirl sometime – after a long run on a hot wet beach.

  3. LOL, I like that.

    Multi tasking is a terrible thing. Seriously, it’s a blight on the potato of humankind and should be avoided at all costs. Women are especially notorious for attempting this kind of nonsense.

    As to spinning plates, that’s awesome. When I pick up a plate I generally have a specific target in mind, hopefully dinner.

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