Fostering Happiness

For – an idiot of a woman, who’s not such an idiot really, actually probably smarter than me, if that’s possible. Hard to believe I know !


To foster happiness – Switch on the TV, go watch a movie, eat a pizza. Do whatever makes you happy, don’t work at it, take the shortest route, happiness should be easy.


Happiness, that great illusive what-a-ma-jig thing-a-me-bob, that no one can quite define. Temporary it’s said. Elusive it’s said. Not to be found in drink, drugs or sex, or at least only temporarily.

Why are so many people so unhappy ? Beats me. Well it doesn’t actually, it makes a lot of sense to me.

The imagination, unexplored and largely left to run riot on it’s own. The supercomputer of all supercomputers left to run idle, do nothing, well not nothing, more mischief than nothing. Switch on the TV, watch some reality TV, let someone else’s imagination entertain. Movies, love ’em, but what happened to thinking and feeling for myself ?

So what then of the before, before we had TV, before we had movies, before we had newspapers. What then did people do to entertain themselves ?

I’d hazard a guess that the answer may not be in the without, but in the within. With one’s own private supercomputer at one’s disposal, anything is possible, the imagination does not limit. Pink elephants are real, who knew !

The first step is to untangle the mess that’s created by quick fixes. The letting someone else entertain, program one’s mind for their own gain. Reorganise, rebuild, reprogram, reboot, get that ginormous machine working for what it was designed for. Become master of oneself as opposed to servant.

Explore, have a look around, yes there’s some scary shit in there, but there’s also some state-of-the-art cool shit in there too. Learn to drive, instead of being driven.

My TV’s broken at this moment, landlord will fix it in time, no biggie. So I have a look inside for the entertainment, what can I imagine ? could be more fun than a movie ? … quite possibly. Use my imagination, it’s the control panel for my supercomputer. Potential unlocked. What has this to do with happiness ? Happiness is something we can generate inside. We don’t need someone else to entertain us, to “make us happy”, we can do it for ourselves. Is it easy ? No takes effort and persistence. Happy people were either born incredibly lucky or they worked on making themselves happy. I could hazard a guess. Put the effort and the hours in, and the results happened. Maybe this is the way of things ?

What do I know, maybe the answer is on Google or channel 38 ?


Is there a summary for bottom feeders ? Yes, here it is …


Fostering happiness – Switch on the TV, go watch a movie, eat a pizza. Do whatever makes you happy, don’t work at it, take the shortest route, happiness should be easy. Everyone knows this Don … DOH !

Watch out for the purple Zebras 😀


Don Charisma

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74 thoughts on “Fostering Happiness

  1. So true…I decided not having tv for 2 years when my daughters were little…they were playing outside, or drawing, cooking, playing together…reading….talking…it helped us to be very happy…so simply…and to be very close communicators…it helps for nice relationship…
    You are definitely right 😉

  2. I almost took this personally. Then I realized there’s an extremely slim chance you can see my Netflix queue. Hehe.

    But yes. Experience and emotions over TV zombies.

  3. Happiness is such a complex concept. I don’t seem to be able to grasp it. It happiness a word we use which equates an idea that is simply nonexistent, but sought after? I guess I am thinking of happiness as a state more than a fleeting emotion, and maybe that is what just cannot be achieved.

    1. Sounds like “the pursuit of happiness”, or that’s how will smith explains it in the film … happiness means different things to different people ….

      1. … no, I think happiness is attainable, maybe a question of perspective, perception or imagination, i don’t know either, I reckon it’s an individual person’s responsibility to figure it out for themselves …

      1. LOL, you get a full gold star for being honest Laura … how you like the new silly theme, I’m trailing it for a few days, a change is a good as a rest they say …

  4. Choosing happiness is a habit to be form gently over time more than something to be forced. There is finesse involved, too. Now if I can just remember this, lol. Great post, Don 🙂

      1. LOL! Somehow, our intention to be happy will pull us back to happiness. Thank Goodness happiness isn’t dependent upon me remembering much at all 🙂 Happy week ahead, Don ❤

  5. Nice one Sir Don! Reminds me of childhood, I rarely watched television, we’d only watch Peter Pan and Princess Sara(Tagalized version though), Cedie and educational shows. Thanks for the post, it was as always a pleasure to read and visit your blog. 🙂

    Hope all is well,

      1. Yes, that Tom and Jerry, too. Did you have any interest with Mickey Mouse and or cartoons from Disney? hehehe

        All is well with me sir, thank you. Settling in with a new job and hopefully this will be it. 😀

      2. Happy for you hun, new job, and I hope you find mr right anytime soon now too 🙂

        Disney a lot too Mickey … cartoons are great 😀

      3. Thank you Sir, but about finding mr. right soon is too vague. Well at the moment, I am not on a rush.. the last time I thought it was already it, I messed up. hehe.

      4. No worries hun, take your time, find the right me right … and we’ve all had ex-mr or mrs right, that’s life, we learn, and use it to help find a better one next time 😀

      5. I know Sir, I am not at all worried. In time, I’ll get there eventually and Mr. Right will be here. 😀

        I am not on a rush and will never be on a rush again. Haha. Thank you for the lovely words Sir. 🙂

      6. I just found that funny though. Hahaha.

        Thank you for the time Sir. I’m hitting the hay and I had a good laugh. 😀

        Good night and all the best. 😀

  6. Now are you the happiness police!

    You’re wrong as the deuce
    And you shouldn’t rejoice
    If you’re calling him Seuss.
    He pronounces it Soice

  7. That’s true. I normally don’t watch TV. Only for seeing movies or series. I prefer to read books, to draw, to paint, to sing or to dance or go for a walk and take lovely sunset photos! I have many choice to have fun :D.

  8. My sisters and I were not allowed to watch TV during our childhood. I watched ants, drew horses, rode horses, climbed trees, and collected polliwogs. I kept them until they turned into red-legged frogs and turned them loose. I still watch ants and collect polliwogs and I’m a grandma now. My grandson is coming over this week to help me.

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