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Please Share Yourself Here :)

This is on sticky for a while.

Please share your work or yourself here (in a comment).

Also find new blogs, friends and connections here πŸ™‚

Use it for :

  • Sharing a link of a post you’ve just done that you’re proud of
  • Sharing your blog
  • Introduce yourself – “Hey I’m Don, I’m a friendly guy, ….”
  • Make new connections and network with other bloggers and readers of Don Charisma
  • Make new friends ?
  • Don Charisma – Thank you for following my blog πŸ™‚

Do not use it for :

  • Advertising commercial products and services
  • Spam
  • Anything that’s political – activism of any kind willΒ not allowed
  • Religious preaching – Don Charisma is already savedΒ πŸ™‚
  • Rude, argumentative, offensive, troll’ish or other moronic activities.
  • Anything else that’s not in the spirit of Don Charisma (and the community)

I WILL PROBABLY NOTΒ REPLY to commentsΒ on this post.

I may visit links if I have time, but please do not expect me to. It’s a place for you to share, but I don’t have time to visit every link, sorry about that in advance. (Your link is more likely to get approved if it has a “” in it.)

My sticky posts doΒ get a lot of traffic, so this is privilege that will be quickly withdrawn if it’s abused. Therefore try and keep what you shareΒ here high quality, as it will be seen by a lot of people.

All comments are manually approved on Don Charisma.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS Trolls and morons will be shown directly to my spam queue, do not pass go, do not collect Β£200 – you have been warned !

901 thoughts on “Please Share Yourself Here :)

  1. Hi, Don.
    This is my first blog. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet. But, I’ll definitely be having fun finding out. Thanks for following me, and I hope you have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and following my posts! πŸ™‚ Enjoy and may your New Year ahead be all you deserve!

      1. well kinda? new bloggers are full of excitement and thrill when they start posting πŸ˜€

  3. Hello there, thanks for following me, Don! This is my very first blog ( and any support is greatly appreciated. Finally updated my About page (which I renamed “Personal Mottoes”) so hopefully it’s looks better now.

    Again, thanks for the follow!! πŸ™‚

  4. I not only want to sincerely thank you for following my blog. I also want to let you know just how much it meant to me to come home and have a new follower. I feel so blessed, so acknowledged, so on the right track! My blog is brand-spanking new. And I am terrified. But being affirmed is an amazing way to conquer fear and demand performance. Thank You, Sincerely, Thank You.

  5. Hi there Don, thank you so much for following my blog. I was beginning to think it was just me here! I started writing it for my kids when I turned 50. It’s called the50things and it’s the stuff I want them to know in case I’m not around to ask when they need to know it. If anyone is interested I would love your feedback or comments on how to improve it, and I really appreciate anyone looking at all. The address is and I guess it would make sense to read the first post which is called “About” first, because that kind of explains the idea. After that, read in any order you like. And thanks again, Don, for finding and following me. Best wishes to all here, Peter

  6. Hi, thx for follow. I’m writing my blog in Polish, but I’m thinking about start to do it in English. I’m writing story about dragonslayer (1 post everyday).

  7. Hello, Don. Thanks for following my humble little blog. I’d love to hear what you have to say to improve my writing. I am kinda new in this kind of thing, so thank you πŸ™‚

  8. Hello Don! Logged in to WP earlier and discovered a follower! Thanks for stumbling upon my retreat. Happy New Year!

    Just out of curiosity, how did you come across my blog? πŸ™‚


  9. hello πŸ™‚ i am new here so i dont know how tofollow you yet..i will figure it out ! anyway iwanted to say thank you for following me.. i really like talking about psycology or philosophy soif you want me to post my opinion about something just tell me .. xoxo

      1. LOL … I would never send evil in Portuguese … well except for “son of a bitch” because it sounds cool ! … and from what I understand it’s more insulting in Portuguese though πŸ˜€

      2. Ah, ic, only a little … I had some Brazilian friends in London … they taught me “fila da puta” … which is how you can annoy a Portuguese/Brazilian person with if you don’t know them very well !

      3. LOL, my friends did teach me such things … and yes I know best not to say to someone you don’t know …

        I’ve been in Lisbon many years ago too, very good seafood and a nice relaxing short break πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks for sharing yourself here … and you’re very welcome … Google translate enables anyone to translate almost anything, so foreign language blogs I’ve never struggled with πŸ˜€

  10. Hi Don! Thanks for following my blog. You are my first follower!

    Hi everyone! I just started my blog less than a month.

    I blog at and appreciate your visit and feedbacks.

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Don,
    I’m Joe, a beginning bonsai artist and PhD student in evolutionary biology. Just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and following, eager to read of your artistic exploits as well.

    1. Hey Joe, thanks for sharing πŸ˜€ evolutionary biology sounds fascinating, although I never studied beyond high school (much) … experimented a little with bonsai, but had to concede it takes a more patient gardener than myself !



      1. No worries! Evolutionary biology is fun, but grueling. Lots and lots of work. I’m looking into how new species are formed – lots of interesting work in there, but yeah, essentially I spend all day moving droplets of water from tube to tube. Bonsai is very fun – I’d encourage you to take it up again with some good stock. Although the growing part of bonsai is slow, much of the more artistic side of it is reducing a larger tree to a smaller tree with pruning, wiring and power tools. There’s something real exhilarating about taking a die grinder to 40 year old tree!


      2. Sounds awesome … I’m pretty handy with a Dremel myself so I might just give it a try … and wow 40 years old you wanna be careful …

        HNY 2015 πŸ˜€

  12. i just wanted to say gracias for following my blog, although I’m not entirely sure why you did. you are my first πŸ™‚ I am very busy but from what I saw I like yours, it’s catchy. well wishes to you and yours.

  13. Hi there, everybody!

    Thank you, Don, for following! I do really think it is an amazing thing this kind of space for us bloggers to exchange ideias.

    I got a blog about Biodynamic Psychology ( For a while, the posts are written in Portuguese, but soon in 2015 will get them English-translated.

    Thank anyone who follow me there!

    I wish success for us all in this new year!

    See ya

    1. I do normally accept awards, but liebster has a limit on the number of followers, which I reached and breached sometime ago with now nearly 40000 follower … so it’s very kind of you, but I can’t or I’d be breaking the rules !

      As for being cursed I think you’re a little late to that party, Liebster went viral many years ago, so you’re just extending the spread πŸ˜€

      1. It wasn’t until after I posted the reward that I learned there was a limit to how many followers the blog should have. I’ve also exceeded that number, but oh well.

      2. There isn’t an “award police”, so it’s no worries … and I recall making a similar boo-boo myself … the majority of bloggers are cool, so like you say – oh well !

  14. Don Charisma – Thank you so much for following my blog. I am new to blogs but hope to reach people and spread joy in this world through my life experiences which includes all interesting and fun moments. I am glad to start my own blog which I wished for quite a long time. Thanks once again.

    1. Thanks for sharing yourself here … and YW of course … blogging I agree is a fantastic oportunity, and happy to see you grasping it firmly πŸ˜€

      and happy holidays !

  15. Wow, with all of these comments and links, I may get lost in the shuffle. πŸ™‚ I hope not, but if so– all is still good. Thank you, Don Charisma, for the opportunity. Here is one of my recent posts. I write from the perspective of my 16-month-old daughter, so it is always light hearted. I learn from her every day. This one is on my daughter’s own little baby Christmas tree that she picked out.

    Thanks again, and have a great holiday!
    Amy Dean and her daughter Dorian

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