A Storm Is Coming

Stormy looking clouds on the horizon giving another spectacular sunset.

Given in regular and panoramic style. The panoramic is 3 times wider than the regular photo, but has been reduced in size for WordPress. Created in Hugin.

Don’t forget the deadline for entering my Bank Holiday Weekend Sunset Challenge is Sunday 23:59…We are looking forward to seeing some spectacular sunsets from around the world.


Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

22 thoughts on “A Storm Is Coming

      1. I’m afraid we live where the sun “don’t” shine. Haven’t seen a sunrise nor sunset in so long it breaks my heart.

      2. North, but not as far north as we used to be. Toronto is right on the boarder of Lake Ontario. It has been very slow in the dry up and the warm up.

      3. Ah, yes I’ve heard of the winters in Finland ? where it never gets light for months of the year and then never gets dark the rest of the time … same kind of thing ?

      4. Not quite. Our winters used to start in January, with a little snow that end by mid February. It could be dreary in November but you could still have some nice days. I had flowers coming up in February two years ago. That year our summer was hot from April to October. That is when they started talking about global warming. Now they just talk about global change.

      1. It rained heavily for an hour or two here… The wind was fast enough not to let anyone open their eyes comfortably…

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