“Mosquito Ninja” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

I hate these pesky little critters. They just can’t help themselves in getting their blood meal. I could almost put up with them taking my blood, that’s not really the issue, it’s the carnage they leave behind. Itchy annoying sores, that stay for weeks and then leave scars. Sometimes they can become infected. Also these little pests can spread some pretty nasty diseases.


The Mosquito Ninja

What amazes me is when you watch one, they are such clumsy little creatures. But there skill is in the their stealth. I can watch one, and it’ll simply “disappear”. It’s like “the ring” from the lord of the rings. I suspect that over trillions of years they’ve evolved so their colouration gives them the maximum chance of blending in with the twilight and night which is when they like to bite. So as they move, there colour will start to blend in with whatever’s in the background. This is what I’m calling the Mosquito Ninja effect.

As an aside here in Thailand, people put small pools of water outside bars, shops and hospitals (for instance), sometimes with water plants. One can see little fish in these “ponds”, the little fish are guppies who eat the mosquito larvae. GO GUPPY !

So just wanted to share I don’t see these creatures doing anything positive in the world. I hate them because of the incredibly irritating sores/bites they leave behind. Actually I am quite please every time I squash one, does give me a kind of evil satisfaction knowing there is one less mosquito in the world 😈

(Even looking for the photo above made my skin crawl !)

Over to you guys, how do you feel about these pesky little ninjas ? Do we have any mosquito lovers in our midst or does anyone know of a positive reason for these creatures existing ?

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS (Wesley Snipes is my celeb name for this post … for fun you may think up a tenuous connection if you like, please keep it clean and respectful, otherwise I may not be able to post)

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Mosquito On Arm – morgueFile.com

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94 thoughts on ““Mosquito Ninja” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Hahahaha I laugh a lot. I have the same problem but over the years I saw documentarys about mosquitos and I learn a lot. If you’re in the bed and a mosquito is disturbing you don’t get up! Is that they want to extract you a blood! Next day you can try to kill it with spray or whatever you have in your hand. You have to come near slowly and then crush it! If someone record me doing it I think the video could have many visitors on youtube hahahaha.

  2. What about the irritating buzzing sound they make? Freaks me out! You know it is there, you can’t see it but you know it is circling you, searching for an in…

    1. For sure, I really hate it when they try and bite inside my ear and I hear them buzzing … scares the shit out of me … and yes damn little ninjas are actually really clumsy if you watch them, move quite slowly, but they will bite if you don’t watch ’em like a hawk …

  3. God… I thought I was the only evil one who get the satisfaction when killing a mosquito. Sooo relatable. Soo annoying. Also why do Lizards and Cockroaches exist.? Eww.

    1. LOL, there’s many here that don’t like them … and one of the other commenters posted on mosquitoes in the food chain, and positive reasons for existing … with you on the cockroaches, lizards I’ve never had a problem with personally … I have little geckos here which are quite cute I feel, never done me any harm …

  4. Oh Yes ! We all hate the little devils .. but Instead of squashing them while they are biting you… it is better to grab them by the scruff of the neck and slowly pull straight up so you can pull out the stinger .. That way you won’t have such an inchy bump re-action .. Then Squash away ! lol ! Great pic ! :o)

  5. lol well when I used to live in Puerto Rico my legs would be covered in mosquito bites and so would all the little kids legs. My grandma would put some kind on herb that would not make my bites itch. so now my legs don’t have any scars at all. 😀 they would bother me a lot though. when I go on the summer I still get some bites but I don’t mind them anymore

    1. Now that herb I need some of that ! In thailand they use a menthol grease which rubs off onto everything, makes white sheets look messy … I can just about live with the bites, would have hated them more when I was a kid, but still they are damn irritating …

      1. lol. grandma’s have their ways 😀 yes they are! that itchy feeling that makes you want to rip your skin out. I had a younger friend who was completely covered in mosquito bites :/

      2. yes good old grandmas we’d be a much poorer world without them … I’ve seen footage of jungle with a survivalist guy his face covered in mosquitoes … not there I wouldn’t stay !

      3. true that 🙂 whoa. Thailand must have been amazing (obviously) would love to go there one day

  6. I’m probably the minority here…but this image reminds me of the series “Dexter”, and I’m quite fond of Dexter, so this image makes me a little weak in the knees…

  7. I just really hate mosquitoes! I don’t have any idea as regards their function in ecosystem. The only thing I feel is: “they are little vampires” that have to be defeated! zzzz zzzz zzzz 🙂

      1. Yes, it is.. it’s all more clear now: they are food for some predators.. good! Might I tell such predators to eat more mosquitoes so they won’t sting me all the time during summer nights?? Eat more, eat MORE pleazzz 🙂

      2. 😀 😀 great Don.. and thank you for this interesting post: you know, where I live, there’s plenty of mosquitoes and during summer night I won’t go out unless I spread on my skin anti-mosquitoes products
        Byeeeee 🙂

      3. Have a very good night, man.. Here’s it 1:03 am and my tiredness is huge so I think I’ll wash my teeth and go to sleep.
        🙂 good night

  8. I hate mosquito’s. They are really bad at the moment and I swear you can’t go outside where I live without one immediately going onto your arm, its a real annoyance

  9. I’ve never come up in welts or sores however my daughters both do. Long live the screened home!! We live in a sub-tropical climate so unfortunately they go with the territory. 😦

      1. sTINGROSE …ok, got it I’ll track some down … my current prevention method is not to go out between sunset and sunrise, working pretty well for me !

      2. Yes I have pretty gone one from 7/11 … best way is to keep clean and not sweat too much … I was on the beach one day with my baseball cap that hadn’t been laundered in a while, the mosquitoes were more interested in the cap than me …

  10. Don, I am not a mosquito fan either. We lived along a river for 27 years … well above the flood line … and our bug zapper was constantly at work. But, they do serve a purpose.

    I like this explanation from a gent by the name of Warren Young in response to a 9 year olds question asking what good are Mosquitos?

    “I know how annoying mosquitoes can be. Right now I can’t walk 10 yards into my yard without being attacked by many mosqitoes.

    Mosquitoes are part of vast food webs. The females need blood to feed their eggs. Humans make easy prey for mosquitoes because we smell so good to them. Mosquitoes eat from plants. Mosquito eggs are food to crayfish, dragonflies and frogs. Flying mosquitoes are food for frogs, bats and birds, especially purple martins.

    So you see mosquitoes are part of a network — they eat plants, deposit eggs and become food. That is the cycle of life. ”

    Jim D.

    1. Thanks Jim, and that’s a lovely cluing me in on the positives of mosquitoes … thanks for sharing, I will bear that a little in mind when I next have 15 bites on my legs !



  11. I hate them too, they ruin summer evenings on the patio. The itch, don’t get me started with that, I get welts that look like a giant vanpire bat bit me, not an insy tinsy mosquito. I hate them!!!

  12. You’re right about the nasty diseases that those pesky mosquitoes carry. It is when they come at night and torment you with that high pitched buzz. Can’t think of a positive impact they have on nature.

      1. How about mosquito netting? Maybe they fertilize the blueberry flowers? That just might be worth it.

  13. OUCH! Just looking at that darn thing hurts! I do NOT like squeeters. What are even worse are those NO See Ums. Nasty little buggers you don’t see or feel but oh do they leave a heck of bite behind that tortures in the itching category. And huge bump as well.

  14. Mosquitoes make my life a living hell during the summer months. They will buzz about and keep me awake at night, but as soon as I turn on the light to swat them they vanish without a trace.

  15. For such an insignificant creature to have so much of an influence on our lives is incredible. For me it’s the time I waste applying the creams and the sprays, and then I still walk around as if I’m being pursued by a mad axe murderer. Why is it they always find the one millimetre square of skin I missed with the spray?? For me I would gladly see them on the endangered species list.

    1. Agreed … and it was a very quickly put together opinion post … I’ve found that they are attracted to sweat, the spays do seem to work to a certain extent, I can’t remember the brand I get here in Thailand, but definitely works … There’s also a theory that if one eats less western food and more asian food one is less likely to get bitten … Plus if one can find a way to sweat less, then that’s a repellent on it’s own … so active job the body sweats more of the crap out during the daytime … plus plenty of showers and clean clothes often … Some of the things I’ve found that help 🙂

      I reckon get their DNA on a computer somewhere and make them extinct, rather than endangered species … but who knows, maybe some scientist will find they are a cure for cancer …

  16. Yes, I hate mosquitoes. But you know what I hate even worse? Ticks. They are vile little creatures who have no purpose other than to latch onto you, suck your blood, and give you any number of diseases. I have a dog, and even though we use flea and tick treatments, those ticks seem to find a way to get onto her. And when we go hiking, it’s nearly impossible not to find one or two (or more) ticks stuck on my body somewhere.

    So in the scheme of things, if I had to choose only one pest to eradicate, it wouldn’t be the loathsome mosquito. It would be the tick.

    1. With you on the ticks, I’ve been bitten in scotland, scratched it not knowing what it was and it’s left it’s pincers behind … not nice … only way I can top that is bed bugs … lived in an infested house once, I truly hope that never happens again !

      bed bugs, ticks and mosquitoes … I couldn’t honestly choose, eradicate all please !

      1. I’ve never had to deal with bed bugs (knock on wood, as they say), but I’m sure if I had, I’d feel about them the same way I feel about ticks and mosquitoes.

      2. The “treatment” involves laying poison for the bed bugs. They don’t die for several weeks. The people sleeping in the beds become “the bait” for the bed bugs to walk through the poison. So no immediate relief, and a fairly sure knowledge that you will get bitten whilst asleep. The bites are fairly similar to mosquito.

        It’s worth doing some research as you can bring them back from hotels, airplanes, buses even … once you’ve got them, well treatment cost us I think £600 which is about $1000 … but those guys cured it …

        I think they came with a lodger who moved in … then all three bedrooms became infested.

  17. I hate and loathe mosquitoes. I can see no reason for their existence whatsoever. When we lived in Queensland, we came across Scotch Grays, huge mosquitoes which used to dive-bomb like Stuykers – and if you batted them away, they’d get enraged and really attack you. My husband got Ross River fever from a mozzie bite – he went down to six stone, could hardly move, was in intense arthritic pain and suffered deep depression to the point where he told me, after he recovered to some extent, that he was considering suicide. It’s nearly twenty years since he first contracted it and he still gets flare-ups, I know when it happens as he goes grey with pain and sits still all day, and he’s a really active man.

    1. Thanks hun … so I’m not alone in my anti-mosquito thoughts … and sorry to hear for your husbands suffering, it makes my irritation at bites seem almost petty in comparison … luckily I don’t think I’ve come down with any of the fevers, but it is a worry … I tend to avoid “keeping still” outside from late evening all night until day again … we were on a high floor in condo (11) where mosquitoes don’t tend to venture that high, current one is floor 6 which is a little better than ground level but still mosquitoes are a problem …

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