It’s a lamb 🙂

41 thoughts on “Lamb

      1. well I can tell you Puerto Rico is amazing. it does have its bad sides and good sides like most countries but you will enjoy it. and Miami should only be a tourist attraction. Not a place to live in. hehe but it is exciting

      2. Yes that’s pretty much how I feel about London … and Puerto rico I guess would have some similarities to Thailand … so you speak Spanish or Portuguese ?

      3. I speak Spanish and French. Starting to learn Portuguese. Even though many Portuguese and Asians are moving to Puerto Rico.

      4. I only know English fluently, can speak a little Spanish, Thai … and then it’s a few pleasantries in German, Italian, Portuguese … still trying to learn American though LOL

      5. Thats great. My sister knows a little bit of German. My mom knows Italian. But American is just bad English lol. If you really want to learn American just pronounce all the words in a really fast way. lol

      6. LOL, totally with you on the American is just bad English … however I think the yanks think their English is “THE” English … go figure that one !

      7. Yes. lol. No offense to Americans but they think they are “THE” everything. I wish I could have the British accent. I like your English 😉

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