“Is Blogging Addictive ?” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Is blogging addictive ?

Passion or Addiction ?

Poll and comments please.


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59 thoughts on ““Is Blogging Addictive ?” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. I started this as a hobby and as a way to easier reach some friends going thru similar situations. I now find this a release when random thoughts come to mind that I feel the need to put down in writing. I believe it was a hobby, turned passion, teetering addiction. 🙂

      1. Well I’m inclined to believe then someone like Motzart was a music addict … is the world a better place for Motzart, yes … so let’s call it a passion and stop worrying about it 🙂

  2. I love blogging because it frees me from my demons, from whatever is bothering me or the memories that I want to preserve forever. So… Heck yeah, it’s addicting and I like it that way!

  3. ooooh…A fine little line for some of us….
    Passion (for me) can turn VERY quickly too addiction. KNOWING that about myself is quite fundamental in knowing when I am overstepping healthy boundaries (WHIIIICH – I frequently do – lol!)

  4. Blogging is a chance to think out loud, on paper. Oops, on pixels … for myself, I always welcome comment whether for or against what I say. If my idea is mistaken or downright bad I would much rather be put right than left in ignorance.

    And I love visiting other sites to enjoy the photos and thoughts—the more the merrier, the better we become informed. In the long run people are people and people is what it’s all about.

    1. Pretty much agree, although I often add a disclaimer which indicates that people should be polite, and polite conflictory opinions are often useful, so yes … and yes if we’re getting on then the more the merrier 🙂

  5. This reminds me as I was typing like this the other day at a public place. As I was typing on the computer, a little boy sat beside me on my right. He saw me typing quickly. All of a sudden, he started typing just as fast with his hands flying up and down on the keyboard. He looked at me and with his eyes, he said, “I am just like you. I told him he was typing very fast.” The monitor showed no activity. Nonetheless, he was proud he could keep up with me. It was a wonderful feeling to be a mentor a little boy with high expectations. Just sharing…

  6. it depends on the person. some people probably are and this is their main interaction with folks. it isn’t mine. I blog when I want to do and don’t do it every day….sometimes, not every week.

      1. Indeed. Which is why I don’t get all het out about posting daily, complying with writing/photo challenges, daily prompts…..this old child of Woodstock was born mellow. and a few tiny cups of good sake don’t hurt, every once in awhile! 🙂

  7. I honestly began blogging in senior year of high school, it became a way of expressing thoughts and opinions I had that would normally be rejected by social circles. I would tend to agree with @James A. Johnson, it is a release from my career, mentally etc.

  8. I’m always afraid of crossing that line of therapeutic writing versus posting just to….post. I want it to be of value and hopefully give someone a good vibe too.

  9. A little from column A, a little from column B. All I know is that blogging is the only creative medium I’ve successfully maintained for more than a fleeting moment. It’s an addictive passion.

  10. Blogging is addictive as after one post you just cant wait to find something else to blogg about… it is also a good way to get your thoughts and views out whilst embracing self confidence too! 🙂

  11. I think doing most things online are addictive for some people. When one is driven by checking to see if we have more likes and follows and it interferes with one’s life to where you are planted in front of the screen all day commenting and checking and not getting out into life, then there’s a problem. If it’s your business, then it’s work and you are making a living at it and it’s necessary. But if it’s a hobby like mine, it’s all about balance for me. It’s like when you see people out at restaurants as a couple but they are checking their phones. When does it end? We need human contact and to be in each other’s company. To feel the energy from a whole, complete being rather than behind the computer screen. That takes a lot more guts these days it seems, at least to me. But of course this is all from my perspective. Now back to checking comments lol….

  12. Don, interesting poll results I am surprised so many see it as an addiction…fer me writing has always been more like the valve on a pressure cooker 🙂 Blogging is just the latest (n more distributive?) type of valve in this arsenal.
    Without writing I would be even more madly dysfunctional lol.

  13. As with all passions, they can produce addictions. There is a truly fine line between the both. In all honesty, I sometimes question if my passion has not crossed that fine line. Even though I took the poll and voted passion, I am leaving a comment to explain my thoughts. Too much of a good thing, is really not a good thing after all. Sometimes we need to exercise control to know where Balance comes into play. Don, you just pulled one of my little sayings out of me. Thank you! Love, Amy

  14. I love to write – creative outlet, as it were, and is more readily available to me than photography, so blogging is a natural thing for me. Because I enjoy it, it’s easy, so I don’ really “struggle” to get one out there. So I would have to say passion, but like friendsoulmate, above, I get a little itchy if I can’t check the notifications when I hear them on my phone or tablet. But I can put it down any time I want. Right? 😉

  15. It can be addictive like someone else stated if you’re blogging about a passion. It’s addictive for me because new music is always dropping and something is always going on in Charlotte or the hip-hop culture in general so I have to keep my blog updated. Is there a limit of how many posts you can put up until it’s annoying? Lol

  16. If you’re blogging about something that really interests you, yes it’s addictive. At first my goal was to post a blog 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I might post 2-3 blogs in one day.

  17. I voted and the results came up with 7 who said blogging is addictive while 4 said it is a passion. That is the result this minute. To me, blogging is an addiction as if I am not on the mac, I would be on my phone checking for updates. If that isn’t an addiction, when what is it? An intense hobby? Fun for thought 🙂

  18. Blogging, for me, is a release from my career, mentally, and, for me, a passion that cannot be appeased, as I am always striving to be better!

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