Sun Breaking Through The Clouds – “Leonardo DiCaprio-orama”

Caught this recently off my balcony, the sun breaking through is always pretty exciting …

So I’m calling this a “Leonardo DiCaprio-orama” because isn’t he just like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds !

Yuck, I can’t believe I just wrote that … I do like DiCaprio, but not that much 🙂

Enjoy …



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

78 thoughts on “Sun Breaking Through The Clouds – “Leonardo DiCaprio-orama”

  1. *gag* Leo just does not do it for me. I was happy when he froze to death in Titanic. (No not really but he is annoying).
    So how’s these new blog post titles working out for you?

      1. Well he’s yet to seriously impress me, he does somehow or other seem to play Leo … Brad Pitt I didn’t much rate until I saw him play the gypsy in “Snatch” … he got the accent and the character perfect and it definitely wasn’t Pitt …

      2. Ah yes love tom hanks too actually, now that guy has played a lot of parts … I saw the one where he’s a russian in the airport, with zeta jones … I’m getting a lot of the woman with two men plotline in films recently, I’m yet to reconcile it my own mind, I’m sure there’s a significance …

      3. Yay, I love Forrest Gump, one of my all time favourite movies … “stupid is as stupid does” … used that one a few times on a few people … not best way to make friends and influence people !

      4. 🙂 well have to go. very tired. its almost midnight over here. Have a great night or day Mr.Don 🙂

  2. awesome shot!
    I recently tried to get a sunset shot, but the colours didn’t come out as the camera kept readjusting the light balance… and the yellow /orange sky came out bland. Need to figure out where the settings are on my ‘camera’ (really a phone, but it is a walkman first).

    1. I don’t know your phone, but on iphone I just touch the screen and it adjusts the exposure based on that area of the screen … I also found that HDR on my iphone 99% of the time gives a better image …

      1. *blush again* You have a way gee … One of my cats had dental surgery today and it was not black and white. Tough call to make, and so, the Vet removed the tooth, hopefully with the entire root as well. Stressful. Tired. Yep, even this ray of sunshine does get tired. Thanks, Don!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      2. I’m just a dynamo, I go till I’m burned … good chatting to you mrs … glad that you’re being a light in WordPress … we need more like you 🙂

      3. Aw, Don, bless your heart. It’s an honor to know there are folk who care and won’t quit!!! Like you!!! No need to answer!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      4. I just didn’t want to hog you all to myself. That’s all. Plenty of people want your attention. (smile) And that’s the truth. Charisma INC. Yowza! [giggle] xx

      5. Hehehehehehe Now, Don, is that any way to talk about THE MAN? I mean come on! Your gravatar says it all! I just have to look at it and I *blush*. (sigh) It’s tough going from um young and virale, to um, wiser, should we say? With a few wrinkles thrown in? Tee Hee … Ya still got it, Don! Besides, you really don’t want THAT kind of trouble in your life anymore, now do you? On second thought ….

      6. I have that very word on an “angel card” in my half lav. Yep. Integrity all the way. I refuse to live my life any other way except with Love in my Heart. IF you knew my life history, you would know I could have chosen a much lesser way of being. And believe it or not, because of how I have chosen to live, many people get very nervous around me. Blogging has found me the freedom to express myself and to have others respect and honor who I am. What a Gift I have found through blogging. (smile) What a Gift!!!

      7. It’s takes courage live with integrity in every moment, so you have my admiration, don’t forget to give yourself the rest you need, integrity can get tiring ! … and yes very much the same, blogging I enjoy immensely 🙂

      8. Don, you are not telling me anything I don’t know. To live in integrity all the time, takes true grits. Not to cheat just once. Not to tell a white lie just once. To walk the Higher Way all the time, has me in tears some days. It is tough and it does take courage. In a world that does not value integrity, and to walk that way, is daunting at best sometimes. When people get to know me, yes, they do admire what I stand for. Most though avoid me. That’s OK. For the first time in my life through my blog, I am able to speak the Truth as I have been taught by Spirit, and I have stood up for what is right, and I shoot from the hip. I don’t BS. I encourage and I HUG but I will not do the work for someone else … I can advise and give a shoulder and an ear, but bottom line, I tell all who I speak with, follow your own heart. I feel like a broken record sometimes because my message is LOVE.

        What a JOY speaking with you. I didn’t have time to comment but the nude you displayed on your site I fell in love with. Here in the States so many are prudes and nudity OH! The human body is one of the most incredible works of art that the Creator has made. I studied the human body while going to school for nursing, and I came away dumbfounded. The miracle of the human body is mind blowing as well as gorgeous. There is nothing wrong in embracing our sensual natures. We are sensual. No way around it any differently.

        Gee. Can you tell I haven’t gotten my usual chatting in today due to being busy in my gardens? I asked my friends to refrain from comments, and they complied. I patted them on the back for doing so, cause we just love to talk at Petals. And it seems every time I come in for a drink of water, there you are. So I talk. OH BOY! You sure got an earful this time. Tee Hee. xx Amy

      9. Hey Amy, sorry for the late reply, way behind on my comments ! Living with integrity takes courage and strength and I admire you for it. I know I’m not perfect, but do my best to keep my word, the main person – myself …

        Thanks for the compliment on the nudes, I like to mix the blog up and keep it interesting. And I agree the human body is often a very beautiful sight to behold 🙂

        Hope all is well, I have 87 comments to catch up on, and I reckon my latest post might get some attention …



      10. In all seriousness, Don, I really thank you for putting the smile back on my face. The frown crease almost cut my forehead in half. (smile) Now I am beaming again and yep, breathing again too. Bless you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy … good night!!!

      11. You’re welcome hun, and don’t worry, it’s 8am here and I’m just about to go to sleep … been a long day/night … catch up with ya tomorrow 🙂

    1. You know what my incoming traffic from the wordpress reader has gone up since I started the celeb names thing, so I’m happy even if I do have to make tenuous connections … liked him in shutter island, but scorcese is one of the all time great directors 🙂

      1. Celebs, schmelebs… 😉 I’ve just been out-of-here for a couple of weeks, and I’m visiting my favorite blogs. Hehe! Shutter Island was a frustratingly great movie, though. It’s nice to visit you again. 🙂

      2. LOL, for sure … just one of the many Don Charisma experiments, it’s fun, a reader suggested it … yes frustratingly good good description … I had to watch it a few times to “get it” … but then I’m dumb as two planks of wood, so you’ll have to forgive me … nice to see you too soon, come back anytime !

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