Piccadilly Circus/Regent Street, London – “Gandhi-orma”

It’s a long time since, bit nostalgic really, 2002. I like these photos as much as when I took them. There’s personal things attached so I didn’t post before. Missing someone you were very close to is hard, and these photos remind. Talk more about I will not.

My friend Laura with her San Fran bridge prompted me to post these …

I’m calling these photos “Gandhi-orama” because Gandhi was a blazing flash of light, in the passing of eons of time.

Originally taken in 2002, first published 2014, hence (c) 2014

Zero Photoshopping, as they were off my Canon camera which I think was 2 megapixels.

Enjoy 🙂



Taken on Regent Street in London (c) Don Charisma

36 thoughts on “Piccadilly Circus/Regent Street, London – “Gandhi-orma”

  1. I like it when there is no Photoshop involved. How else can we say the photo is GREAT? In Photoshop, you “make” the picture! This is a great shot, especially since it’s been taken at night!

    1. Thanks my friend … and I kind of partially agree … Photoshop is used as a “digital dark room”, and I feel often I can get closer to real life with some photos with my edits … these photos really are nice straight off of the camera, so no editing really needed, and saves some time … there are certain aspects that could have been slightly improved like the sign that’s a bit too bright … I did a whole post on why photoshop isn’t a bad thing in photography not so long ago !

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