Easter Sunset

Sunset from over here in London. I thought it was a little cloudy, but the horizon was clear so the sun came through pretty nicely in the end. Always worth waiting to see if you get a great sunset or not. Sometimes it doesn’t look too promising, and then the sun surprises with amazing colours.


Sunset obscured by clouds give a great effect as shown in this panorama
Close up of the same obscured sunset
Last glimpse of the sun as it disappears for Easter

46 thoughts on “Easter Sunset

  1. I smile inside, when someone like you wants to listen to my podcasts. Don, make a request, I can make one for you. At my work, I spend part of my time in a recording studio, almost every day. I make the podcasts to listen to, for fun, and to save my sanity on the job.

  2. Hi Don! Love your site! Charisma! you diffidently have it! I am inspired by your pictures and your thoughts! I feel privileged that you are following me! My thoughts were who am I to have someone with so much talent to follow me? Do what you love and you can never go wrong in life.

    1. You’re a most certainly welcome my dear friend 🙂 … and we’re all writers and publishers on WordPress, so important or not, I’m just like you … so do keep in touch 🙂

  3. Lovely pic. Apparently alot of the beautiful sunsets, colourful skies that we get in urban centres is down to pollution. That could be seen as a downer, or as an example of every (toxic) cloud having a silver lining!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful! Don’t you look at something like this and thank God that you are alive!! Great photos loved them 🙂

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