Easter Angels

I made a visit yesterday to my recently deceased aunt. I unfortunately missed the funeral, so I made a special trip to pay my respects.

While I wasn’t planning to take many photos, or even blog about this, I saw a number of beautiful angel statues in the graveyard. I call them weeping angels after seeing a recent Doctor Who episode where the angel statues became deadly killers that moved when you weren’t looking and were statues when you were looking at them.


Taken in Englefield Green, UK © dannyboybroderick

35 thoughts on “Easter Angels

      1. Ah yeah – 6 IS a bit of a wee one hey! Bless them.
        My two are a bit older (16 and 12!!)
        The Doc is – well – THE Doctor of course you see!! 😉
        It is JUST those Angels yeah…;) They have become QUITE the thing – LOL!!
        (I personally quite enjoy the fellow myself 😉 )

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of your aunt’s death, and hope that time in the cemetery was meaningful and gave you an opportunity to say a personal goodbye. The angels are rather lovely…I’m glad I missed that particular Dr. Who!

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