Thailand in London

Don has asked me to fill in for a couple of days while he’s taking a well earned break. This will be my first set of photos on his site.


I live in London, but recently visited the Thai buddhist temple in Wimbledon, London. It is sited about 1/4 mile from the world famous All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, the hosts of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It is strange to see a traditional Thai temple in the middle of this wealthy area of London. All the monks dress in traditional orange robes, yet live amongst the Porsche Cayenne’s and other 4×4 vehicles.


I visited on a festival day at the temple as it’s the Thai New Year celebration of Songkran. This usually involves sampling Thai music (traditional to modern), dance, beauty pageant and of course food.


My favourite area of the temple has to be their peaceful gardens. It’s a beautiful place to just walk around and contemplate life, just like the monks…


36 thoughts on “Thailand in London

      1. I am South African, bit of a trip. But, absolutely love Thai food. They seem to have a way with ginger and chili mixed with sugar I guess that just tickles me the right way. I am detoxing right now, why am I even talking food…

    1. Hi Audrey, yes, they have signs with quotes around the garden to make the monks think about their lives as they walk around. You can even join them and live the life of a monk for a while.

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