Inside the Thai temple

After my last post about the Thai temple in Wimbledon, I found this picture taken last year from inside the temple. Normally you aren’t allowed to take any photos inside the temple, but for some reason they were encouraging people to take pictures that day.
The temple isn’t that large inside – not even enough space for 100 people – but it’s still spectacular to see.

23 thoughts on “Inside the Thai temple

  1. WOW! Just oh WOW! Thank you for all the photos of Thailand. Your blog is the next best thing to visiting there. But this photo of the spectacular temple – thank you so much for bringing us this beauty.
    Now that I think about it, I’ve seen lots of photos of temple outsides (of all faiths) – don’t think I’ve ever seen the inside of a Thai temple.

  2. I love religious art and symbolism of all kinds. I’m particularly attracted to Tibetan Buddhist art. Southeast Asian Buddhist art especially depicting Nagas are one of my favorites too. Especially Naga statues…Old art the iconography speaks on so many levels. The symbolism represented in the murals and statues tells stories that the literal or conventional
    mind can’t grasp.

      1. Yes, especially where I live where or symbolism is like stop sign, yield, do not enter…you know? Our older symbolism the ones that point out wisdom have been perverted and used for advertising. They still work but lead us to consume more rather than reflect on what is within.

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