Don Charisma Reading Keith Johnstone

I’ve had this book for maybe 4 or 5 years, and only managed to read the first chapter in that time. I bought it because I wanted to read it, but I’m a slow reader, and always seems to be something more important to do. So I’m making the time, and glad I did, such an interesting read – very useful stuff on understanding myself and my interactions with others.

I thought of the sunsets that I’ve been posting on my blog when I read this :

People will travel a long way to visit a “view”. The essential element of a good view is distance, and preferably with nothing human in the immediate foreground. When we stand on a hill and look across fifty miles of emptiness at the mountains, we are experiencing the pleasure of having our space flow out unhindered. As people come in sight of a view, it’s normal for their posture to improve and for them to breathe better. You can see people remarking on the freshness of the air, and taking deep breaths, although it’s the same air as it was just below the brow of the hill. Trips to the sea, and our admiration of mountains are probably symptoms of overcrowding.

Keith Johnstone – “Impro – Improvisation and the theatre”

So if my blog’s a bit quiet then you know what I’m doing ! … Cakes are a bonus 😈


Don Charisma

41 thoughts on “Don Charisma Reading Keith Johnstone

  1. I love reading (even though I’m sure there are better things I could be doing for part of that time) and the only time it takes so long for me to finish a book is if I don’t connect with it in some way. When you said you had the book for five years and had hardly read any, I immediately thought, “Not a book I want to read.” Glad you clarified 🙂

    1. Just takes me a long time to read ! … book is really really good, maybe I’ll blog about it later … certainly lots in there to help with my online social activities and my writing for spontaneity and creativity 🙂

  2. Dear Don, to tell you the REAL truth, my attention was caught only by those cakes… is there a piece of a book in there, perhaps? 😀

      1. Good 😀
        Hey, Don, do you want a moment of laughter? Go to my blog and read THAT joke 😀

      1. I lead the team that develops ability to create 3D pics with regular mobile phone. Do you interest to try it when Beta version will be released?
        P.S. just to set correct expectations -it should take 8-9 month.

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