Another Lovely Don Charisma Sunset Panorama :)

There’s a dude with a parachute, you know the ones they attach to a speedboat … better than sex, hmmm, not sure about parachuting attached a speedboat being better than sex, but each to their own !

Six photos merged with Photoshop and some tender loving care by Don Charisma 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

29 thoughts on “Another Lovely Don Charisma Sunset Panorama :)

  1. A great picture Don, love the clouds up on the right. I’ve been in a speed boat and had sex. I think the sex is better. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome Don. Let’s put it this way I have enough sweet thoughts to entertain me in my dotage. That’s if I can remember them. Damn! I’m very low key now. I have a wife who loves me and when someone gives up everything for you, then one can’t disrespect that.

      2. You’re a lucky man if you have a loving wife, good ladies are a credit to us dudes 🙂 … sweet thoughts come and go as and when they feel like it in my experience !

      3. I am indeed Don. 🙂 Oh yes my sweet thoughts come and go, as long as they’re there when I really need them. 😉

      4. Mine come and go Laurie, so I expect the same for others … I try to encourage and nurture them, but sometimes storms hit the garden … I’m sure you understand …

    1. You and me both, but I’m probably keeping my feet on the ground for now … I have seen a guy with a tiny aircraft flying in the same area … really want to give that a try, but reckon I’d be scared witless !

  2. Very nice photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. What is your favorite country to shoot photos?

    1. Thanks, very welcome … at the moment Thailand, but I can take nice photos anywhere really, it’s just having my eyes open looking for the next photo …

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