At least I think it is, botanist I’m not ! The plant itself was quite large and actually looked more like a vine. So not sure, but it looks a little like an orchid to me 🙂

This was the best of 4 shots. Sometimes I find with closeups and macro photos, the background is in focus and the subject out of focus. Generally those shots aren’t that useful for publishing. However I’ve used then before to make a background for a quote or that type of thing.

Sometimes I get lucky and it’s perfect in one shot, but experience says I normally take at least two photos, and in this case four photos from two different angles.

These flowers were outside a restaurant …

Enjoy !


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

48 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. Hi Don, this plant is not an orchid or a hibiscus, it is Thunbergia laurifolia, commonly known as Laurel Clock Vine or Blue Trumpet Vine. It is native to a large area of the tropics stretching from India, through Burma to Malaysia.

  2. Clematis does not have that lip. It’s an orchid the way an orchid usually grows. Upside down from the tree. Not planted upright in a pot like here.

  3. Nice to see someone as good as you struggles with the same problems. I was recently backpacking in Arizona and came back with photos of cactus flowers, composition is one of the issues I struggle with, especially with macro focused objects. The advantage of digital photography, over the film I shot in my younger years, is that you can take several shots at no cost.

    1. I’ve seen the pro photographers in action and they take reams of shots even with the best equipment, so it’s just common sense really … there are several things that’ll probably keep me on my iphone as opposed to pro/semi-pro equipment, one of them is being able to see on the screen what I’m shooting and the other is the portability, means my camera is almost always with me … I’ve probably down to a few cents per photo now, my iphone is now around 14000 photos taken … and that’s with a free ipod and phone !

  4. It kind of looks like a Phalaenopsis orchid, its petal arrangement is slightly different to the ones I’ve seen before though. Intriguing!! Lovely shots too btw, very pretty colour 🙂 x

  5. wow – really pretty! when i first saw it I thought of a “Bearded Iris” – but then the vine part did not line up – so you may be right – this may be an orchid – I am not sure either – but it sure is a beauty. 🙂

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