“Camp” Ronald McDonald

So is he a McRonald ? … I decided not to run with the James Franco article. I reckon that guy has enough publicity right now. Writing the article was enough for me, I don’t need to share my opinions on that one …

I published a Wai’ing Ronald McDonald recently … so I give you “Camp” Ronald McDonald … at least that’s how he seems to me … not wishing to offend anyone obviously – alternative descriptions are welcome 🙂


Wanna sit next to him ?


And here’s his friend Wai’ing Ronald McDonald … is this a McWai I see outside the McCafe ?


Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

31 thoughts on ““Camp” Ronald McDonald

    1. LOL, who’d have thought clowns and giant bees … if you check the other comments there’s a lady who’s done a facebook page devoted to ronald, I especially like the japanese one – Ronalda as I’m calling her …

      1. … for sure I can see that … you know I love your avatar, for a long time I thought you were one of those photographers that photograph themselves with a fancy camera … it’s only when I looked closer I could see you’re not holding a camera … doh !

      2. You are referring to this photo I’m using as profile piic? Nope, not taken by a fancy camera, just by my laptop’s camera. I do confess I like its quality. If I could only whip out the laptop anywhere I go for photos, I would, but that would seem silly (LOL!!!)..I really just wanted to photograph that heart-shaped purse to remind someone that she gave it to me, but couldn’t show the whole of it without capturing myself so i did this….Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if I’m seen him in England actually, I think I possibly have … you haven’t missed that much though hun, he’s more for the kids I think !

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