Presentation Table – Italian Restaurant

Still exploring whilst waiting for my pizza … There’s a table with leaflets, flyers etc … Some antique looking wine casks underneath.

The table itself did look authentic antique 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

18 thoughts on “Presentation Table – Italian Restaurant

  1. Interesting. Italian restaurant in Thailand…can you tell I don’t get out much :). My father in law has 6 of those large flasks of wine in his Catina and makes his own red wine every year :).

    1. LOL, yup those Italians get everywhere, and I love a lot of the food, so happy for that !

      Yummy, I love red wine with pizza, definitely coming to visit you in Canada soon as I get some money 🙂

  2. Those Italians are all over. We had an interesting experience at the Da Pino Restaurant in Moscow. I wrote a song about it called Da Pino Piano Man. Good food, great music and a lot of fun. It’s in my first album called Sahara Rose.

    1. Hey Leslie, yup those critters do like to get around, and generally I’m friends with Italians … do love their food !

      You’re quite the accomplished musician 🙂

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