Likes On Likes – Yikes !

I don’t have likes turned on on my comments, but I believe it’s possible to have them turned on. So it’s an odd anomaly of the system where I get more than the occasional email saying “X liked your comment”.

I figure that my comment has been liked in the Reader even though I have them turned off on my blog.

So what’s next – will I able to like someone else’s like ? What about likes on likes on likes ?

Or would it be safer to leave a comment saying “I really like that you liked that” or maybe even “I really like that you liked that like that X liked” … what a lovely but slightly sinister thought !

Seriously though, whatever is next ?


Don Charisma

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Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on the above.

Warm regards, Don Charisma

74 thoughts on “Likes On Likes – Yikes !

  1. OHhhh….so there’s a separate toggle/parameter for the comment Likes? Duh. And how silly am I, to think I’d find it on the Discussion page, where one defines how Comments will be entered? Double duh.

    I like the Like within Likes. Saves time for readers and read. They got nuthin’ more t’say? S’cool. At least they read. Hopefully they’re not lazily Liking everything. That would be a drag. But so far, no one’s doing that.

    So: Your oh-save-us-from-Like-whores post, by mentioning the toggle, was the direct cause of my joining the dark side, and assisting others to do the same.

    Mwah-ah-ah! My work here is done.

  2. Thanks so much Don for following my blog. I love your blog so much I just had to add it to my reader.

  3. I really LOVE your comments disclaimer!!! And by the way, thanks to your post about spam, I find some of them on my blog, waiting for approval!!! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, for me good boundaries work and save me effort, I’m not a counsellor for the masses 😆 … good luck with the spammers they are persistent ! warm regards Don charisma

      1. Sure. Wordpess is flexible and communicative with its users, at least I get the notion. So I think it is a solvable problem if somebody points it out to them, they might even change it for it to work more logically (option swithced off means NO. Period. 🙂

      2. I think they may get some complaints from people especially those who have likes switched off period, so hopefully reader will take notice of the settings eventually … either that or they’ll force everyone to switch it on on their blogs, which would probably be less popular !

        I’d also like them to give me a setting for the header image they show on me in the reader, currently they are using my header image the graffiti – it’s too long, and a transparent png, so looks terrible … but nevermind !

  4. I don’t like using “reader”, so I receive your blog via email post, an option you have set up. Each of your posts arrives in an email with the option of “comment” and “like”, so I click like. Odd that the emails have the like option in their when you don’t have it set up. I subscribe to other blogs that don’t have “like” set up and that option doesn’t even arrive in the email i receive, it only has ‘comment” as an option.

    1. Hey Kate, thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated 🙂

      And no, this is something somewhat new, it’s the ability to “like someone’s comment” as opposed to “like my post” … it seems the reader has ignored my preference of not having this facility switched on on comments, and people can like the comments in the reader …

      So the email you get is correct, and I do value both likes and comments, happy for you to do whichever you like 🙂

      1. Ah…thanks for clarifying that. Obviously I wasn’t quite alert when i read your post, sorry 🙂
        And…BTW…my name is katelon, not “kate”..hence the name on my blog anc comments.

  5. I like the “like” system but sometimes it kind of seems like the “I enjoyed what you wrote but I really do not feel like making a comment” button. I would much rather write a comment when something strikes me so.

    I am glad they are not taking the system to far off into some overdone stat system. I could only imagine “Fred likes the like that Sharene put on the re-blog of your original post.” Waaaaaaaaaaah wah.

    1. Same steve, I like the like system it works fine for me … I get quite a lot of comments and generally reply to them all, up to 250 a day … so actually likers do save the muscles in my fingers and the hours of the day … Also for photos, sometimes there isn’t much more to say than I like it … so necessary evil perhaps ?

  6. I find it so silly. Makes people lazy, now I don’t have to put my thoughts down I can just simply like someone else thoughts that I agree with and hopefully the blogger will get what I am trying to say. Likes on likes, retweets on retweets, people are finding it easier to just share someone else opinion than have their own. Rather tell me why you like my articles,comments etc than just clicking like. Lets converse don’t just like and disappear. Make your like worthwhile 🙂

    Funniest thing, last night I posted a sad but somewhat inspirational post on Facebook and people liked it but I couldn’t understand why someone would like somebody else’s suffering? Then I realized they where liking the more positive part of the post and not the sad. So maybe the likes buttons should evolve LOL. “Like” “Don’t Like” “Agree” “Don’t Agree” and comments should be for the “Why” He he he he

    Long comment sorry 😛 Enjoy your day Don 🙂

    1. No worries, long or nor doesn’t matter, happy with polite well put points of view 🙂

      For me I don’t always find it easy to have the exact right thing to say, so quite often I might leave a comment saying “I like that” … so I’m kind of for likes in that respect … but yes it does tend to make people lazy and not learn how to express themselves in a comment …

      I suspect the variety of buttons would confuse the morons, so would be surprised if it ever goes beyond like OR thumbs up/down …


      Don Charisma

  7. Good article. I like the comments disclaimer attached to it too. 🙂 Boundaries are good for both commenter and the poster sharing info, agree totally! 😀 Okay going to read about your virus post too, hehe looked good! (kind of an oxymoron but at least we can understand to clear out these bugs of horridness! *waves fist* :D)

    1. Hey Luna, yup, I don’t agree with this complete freedom of speech, I posted about it earlier. The conclusion I and my commenters generally reached was that freedom of speech is privilege not a right. And also I’m not a social worker, counsellor, shrink, psychologist, psychotherapist etc, so people with problems should seek professional help and pay for it, not expect it from me for free !

      So boundaries I decided on, and lot happier since implementing them 🙂

      Speak soon

      Don Charisma

  8. I “like” that my avatar in in your photo of “Likes on Likes” ~ I like a lot of your posts but haven’t liked another comment. Didn’t know that was possible on WordPress. Congratulations on so many likes and followers!

    1. You are very welcome, and I guess you got lucky having been the latest to like me … the setting for putting it on on your blog I found is in Settings->Sharing, the very last one

  9. I did notice the new “like” feature on comments and I am cool with that-I am also cool with the regular “like” button. I may have a problem as I am a bit of a “like- addict”—I hit that button all the time and I love it when it comes back at me—I can’t get enough! “Hi my name is Wayne and it has been 3 seconds since I hit the like button” [polite clapping].

  10. I subscribe to your blog and I always get the option to “like” and to comment. Curiously, the “likes” section comes up with a Goggle + logo. Could it be a link you have allows “likes” and these show up for your followers?

    1. Think there might be some miscommunication … I’m not talking about likes as in “I like your post”, what I’m saying is that it’s possible to like individual comments … and this is done in the wordpress reader, not direct in the blog … makes sense ?

      1. Hun, don’t worry I wasn’t having a dig at anyone, it’s just that I don’t have ratings or likes turned on for my comments – personal choice … and then the reader switches it on without checking my settings … so a WordPress issue if anything …

        We just did a “I like your like” on someone else’s comment on this post, was quite funny actually !

  11. Really interesting that you’ve posted this as I keep getting email notifications that someone has liked a comment I’ve made somewhere. I didn’t even know you could do that or have an email sent as a result!! Do you know where to find anything about it on the settings?

    1. Hey Elaine, no I didn’t look for the settings … I believe there’s something is ratings if you want ratings or thumbs up/down on a comment … I don’t know where likes is or how to switch on or off … for the reader they seem to change things in there daily …

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