Night Beach Tree Lights Towerama

I was walking home one evening after doing my sunset shooting and noticed how cool the lights looked in the trees. So an experiment in night panorama …

I didn’t like the crop options so I’ve included the whole of the raw panorama 🙂

It’s sixteen (2wx8h P) photos merged with PTGui Pro


Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

40 thoughts on “Night Beach Tree Lights Towerama

      1. Dear Don, today was fine, really warm and sunny weather! I can smell buds on trees and it’s lovely. I hope it keeps like this ’cause we had harsh weather last week 🙂

      2. 😮 40 Celsius Degree!! My Gosh.. no, no… that’s not for me 😀
        …anyway.. you benefit of such beautiful landscapes 🙂

      3. For sure, it’s the hottest month in April up to 45 or more … my body doesn’t like it much … drowsy and in need of siestas !

        And yes, evening it’s a bit cooler and sea breeze, just right for sunsets …

      4. 🙂 woow.. I fancy a sandy beach, the sea-breeze, sunset, some candles, a lovely lady, some good fish dish.. grrr 😛

      5. 😀 I wish!! .. For the mo it’s 1,22 AM, I can get no sleep, while my girl’s snored for two hours now… GGGGRRR AGAIN 😀

      6. 😀 😀 😀 Yeah… I feel your girlfriends were right.. sometimes I can feel your snoring as far as here in Italy… were you responsible for some earthquakes too? 😛 😀 😀 .. joking mate. Nice, nice Don 🙂

      7. I think I’m responsible for more than one earthquake, probably why they keep waking me up on the airplace, worried the rivets will fall out and the plane will crash 😆

      8. 😀 😀 😀 😀 so YOU are a sort on new weapon .. Donweapon 😀 😀 I’m laughing by myself like a moron 😀

      9. Pretty much, people wake me up to complain … I usually just tell them to go and buy some ear plugs and go back to sleep … to me why I care, I’m asleep and that’s all that matters !

      10. 😀 😀 😀 who can blame you?
        Ok, Don.. it seems Morpheus has caught me… I try to get some sleep now and I wish you a good day. 🙂 bye man!

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