Thai Columns – Both

I posted these before as separate photos, now here they are together. These are columns at the entrance to one of the beachfront hotels.

Check out the little lights, cool !


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

33 thoughts on “Thai Columns – Both

      1. That’s alright hun, i think we’re all in the flow of extremes … I had a conversation recently about this, I don’t believe that the enlightened person after 20 years meditating becomes “equanimous” to the irritating fly. I reckon they probably just realise it’s ok to be pissed off and let themselves be pissed off with the fly … So yes extremes and reaction I try to incorporate in to my life, not as something that should be avoided and meditated out of me !

      2. I agree Don. For me it is about being real… deep acceptance of self. The balance comes with being present (observing) what’s happening. Also what is extreme for one person may not be so for an other… so i guess the balance can only ever be with one’s self. So we can’t really look at another and say “man they are so out of balance and over the top!” Hahaha ^_^

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