Rocky Ocean Sunset Panorama

Rocks with an amazing sunset. Four photos merged with PTGui Pro

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

38 thoughts on “Rocky Ocean Sunset Panorama

  1. And again beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve painted, and every time I see your pics I want to grab a brush, and let my imagination take over.

      1. Thanks hun, and don’t worry, I’ve been there too … burn-out isn’t great, better to have incorporated some moderation along the way 🙂

      2. No Don, that is too late for me and I’m okay with that.
        I do more mind, that you don’t need to go so far too. Bad stress can really take a lot away from you for lifetime.

      3. Ah ok hun, sorry I didn’t know … I do my best to rest and keep the stress out, from time to time it’s unavoidable … life has thrown it’s fair share of stressors at me, and I can appreciate that sometimes these things leave lasting scars. Mainly what I’ve learned is a balance between doing and being. Thanks for looking out for me !

      4. The balance is the most important Don. Positive stress is not dangerous, but negative stress can kill you.
        I’m happy, that you try to find your balance 🙂

      5. For sure, on which note my siesta must be due, as I woke up a 3.27am … it’s just too hot here now, like 40 degrees I think, my sinuses aren’t taking it well, plus the heat makes me drowsy !

        Ok hun, so alls well 🙂

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