Wai’ing Ronald McDonald – Thai Style

This is what Ronald McDonald look like in Thailand … Wai’ing is an important part of Thai culture. I guess folks at the McDonalds corporation didn’t want to make a social error. So I give you fast food giant’s icon complying with local culture 🙂

He does some other poses as well, I’ll have to get a photo – One of which is him sitting looking extremely camp – Gay Ronald ?


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

46 thoughts on “Wai’ing Ronald McDonald – Thai Style

  1. If you want to get away from it all Thailand is out! When I heard some years ago that McDonalds had opened a branch in Moscow my first reaction was – “Now Communism is well and truly dead”. And so it was, as the USSR soon began to disintegrate.
    Is it a good thing that everywhere we go in the world we see the same shops, hotels, foodstuffs, eating houses etc? Westerners bring their “culture” with them. Nor do they force it on the world – the world seems happy to absorb it and comes back looking for more of the same.
    Of course it is 2-way traffic. The West has its shops stuffed with goods manufactured in the East.(Formerly manufactured in the West). Largely because of the computer the universal language is now English, thus allowing English-speakers to avoid learning languages and becoming even more insular!
    Never mind- its all good fun. Des.

  2. Ah cultural hybridization. Trap unsuspecting consumers in other countries by catering to the local culture. The McDonalization of this country is now taking over the world.

  3. Hahaha boy, was that picture a funny one to look at! It would be even funnier to find a Ronald like that here in the US and see how others would react.

    1. I’m sure it’s mostly financial motivation … KFC seems to be more popular here and they seem exactly the same as everywhere else, so perhaps bending to cultural difference isn’t “the best” way always …

      1. Ah, no, not yet haven’t even photographed, didn’t realise how popular Ronald was going to be … I’ll get a photo next time I’m passing …

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