Italian Restaurant Panorama

I’ve yet to eat here, but looks pretty good … Maybe I’ll do an interior shoot when I do … The impressive greenery certain makes it stand out …

I love Italian food, Pizza I could eat forever and never get bored 🙂

It’s been merged with Photoshop, 18 photos landscape stacked 4 high.

Photo taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

59 thoughts on “Italian Restaurant Panorama

  1. Greetings Don,
    Great photos here – you are obviously a master of the digital world! So different from my steam-driven B&W. Thailand does seem to offer a whole world of photo opportunities with lots of off-beat ones. That is the secret – to be able to spot them. Since you can sample Thai food in Italy, it is good to know the traffic is 2-way.
    Thank you for following my ( rather intermittent) blog. Will do something about greater regularity .I use film, but eyesight problems mean that I have given up the darkroom and have to use an auto-focus camera, scanning and printing via the computer.
    Keep up the good work.
    Des Johnston. .

    1. Hey Des, lovely to hear from you … master, maybe, I have some skills and do my best … yes there’s lot that’s different here in Thailand and I’ve found working with photography has sharpened my eye for spotting photo opportunities …

      Post when you want, read when you want, there’s not pressure either way, mostly happy to have friends around, that’s the most important thing …

      My eyesight isn’t as sharp as it was, but I’ve been lucky with 20:20 vision all my life and very grateful for it, I love the visual 🙂

      Keep in touch


  2. very pretty, I like the tropicalish/steamy almost invisible haze around things. It really gives it an air of being in a jungle region of the world. I really like the atmosphere of this photo. 🙂

    1. Thanks and I think that’s the “sun-haze” I often get in strong sunlight … I hadn’t viewed it so much as a feature, so maybe will look on it again with fresh eyes 🙂

      1. I just really don’t know.. even if some marble lions are present even here, at the entrance of some villas..

  3. You really take the time to make these shots the best they can possibly be! This looks like another great on Don! I see you’re have fun. LOL! If the decor looks interesting, that sounds like an excellent idea. Just lager on the charisma, and you’re in :O)

    I make my own spaghetti at home, using minced turkey meat. It tastes the same and has less fat. I will seldom eat out because I watch ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ on TV, and get a little paranoid about sanitary conditions. Germophobe here…

    1. Thanks dude, and hope things OK for you now. I do like to take nice photos, it’s good for me and my readers, win-win …

      I’ve had awesome spaghetti in Italy, will cook again at home … I blogged about my sauce recipe here, which is just as applicable to spaghetti –

      I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what you see on TV, there are many places that are clean and sanitary … for me it’s a case of time and money as to why I don’t eat out …

  4. I’m not sure I’d want to eat underneath all that greenery. All I can imagine is the massive amount of bugs that would be sure to swarm me or my food. But the image is quite beautiful. I’m pretending it’s more of a meditation/reading area 😉

    1. LOL, never eaten there myself, and in the tropics one get used to bugs and things that move around … mosquitoes I don’t like, geckos are kind of cool and very harmless, other creepy crawlies and insects taken on their own merits … the big wasps/hornets I do my very best to avoid, they look evil !

      That all said I’m sure it would be very pleasant to eat here and bugs would be the least of my worries 🙂

      Warm regards


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