Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London – Streetorama

This is a really wide angle of the Cutty Sark Clipper ship in Greenwich London … Weather conditions not the greatest for taking a shot, cold, wintry and drizzly, but I like it anyway 🙂

It’s an iPhone 4s one shot pano. Do click on the photo a larger image behind.

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

30 thoughts on “Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London – Streetorama

      1. It was a lovely day, realised I need to hit the gym more when I had to climb that hill up to the observatory! lol The boys had fun in the flight simulator at the science museum 🙂

      2. Hmmm, yes that hill is a bit of a killer … I usually walk up the road then turn left (gentler incline) … you’ll know next time 🙂

        Flight simulator sounds like fun, although I had to ban myself from computer games many years ago … weekends used to just disappear into oblivion … chasing women wasn’t much better either (weekend-disappearing wise), still I heard a lot of very loud music and drank far too much red wine, life’s not all bad 🙂 Silver lining 🙂

      3. Yup apart from the hangovers I guess ;-p The flight simulator is at the science museum, it’s a pod you go in and twists and turns so makes you feel like you’re really flying, of course they did a lot of barrel roles so I gave it a miss and just took some pictures, would have made me feel very motion sick! lol

      4. It was thanks 🙂 I thought it was kinda awesome standing on the 0 point of time, they didn’t think it was worth the climb up the hill! lol, that’s the tech generation for you

      5. Afraid I’m inclined to agree with them, I usually walk up the road as said already … I used to walk daily in that part for some years, it’s a great walk round the perimeter, an hour for an adult, probably 5 for kids !

        There’s also another viewing area to the east of the observatory, it’s quieter and you can see just as much …


      6. I love the view! I used to go there often too in 1995 when I was working in London as an aupair on my days off so good memories and yes, at least 5 hours with kids! lol

  1. Very nice ship. We have a US Constellation docked in Baltimore Harbor (not too far from here) and often have tall ships there in the summer. Last year in celebration of the anniversary of Battle of Ft. McHenry/ War of 1812 there was assembly of tall ships and we went down to see them parade out. One ship had the sailors standing on the yard arms as they sailed around the Fort. It was very cool. Anyway I wanted to thank you for following my blog (tried to do it on your About page, but comments were closed.) Keep up the good work. Cheers, Rita

    1. Wow that one looks cool, from the same era/ pirate era I guess … a battleship no less … this one was a merchant for tea 🙂

      I close comments sometimes on my about page, it’s getting a bit long and unmanageable … you are welcome anyway … warm regards DC

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  3. Always wanted to visit England. Churchill was amazing character. Cigars and wise cracks went with his port! Cheers!

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