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Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – THE UNANSWERABLES – Intraweek Update

“Whose Blog is it Anyway?” 2 -THE UNANSWERABLES

Well almost, some of them are just zany titles that should inspire the brain’s creative department to take action. Or explode in the case of one challenger.

Most of the submissions are in, just waiting for a couple of stragglers. Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

The Unanswerables  – WBIIA2

Intraweek update

It’s Thursday already most of our submission have been received. Today I have to do paperwork for my own personal affairs, and still resting up after my op. But I will find time today and Friday – I will be getting “the show” ready.

Thanks to Belinda the idiotwriter from idiotwriting for our new graphic, for our idiotreaders. Warning Improvised Writing Warning Improvised Writing

It seems that some of the audience didn’t understand the concept of improvised writing (or comedy), so we’ve made it clear with the graphic. Well that’s the positive way of putting it, some might say we have morons in our midst … who knew ?

My guest improvisers have come up with some outstanding writing, really very pleased, good job guys and gals. We’ve had a few glitches and nerves a little frayed but all coming together nicely. Just waiting for a couple of stragglers … come on guys/gals time to finish, send me what you’ve done 🙂


I’ll be presenting fifteen or so guest improvisors …

I give you – “Whose Blog is it Anyway?” 2 – The Unanswerables :

Suz Jones – Her Highness – The Majesty Royal And One Stupendous Blogger
Kerry-Anne – Her Highness -The Eximious And Resplendent Story Painter
Sharon Lee Hughson – Her Ladyship – The Impressive And Marvelous Author Extraordinaire
Belinda – Her Eminence – The Phenomenal IdiotWriter From IdiotWriting
Phil Manhire – His Lordship – The Exceptional And Extraordinary Vanautu Gold Watcher
Mark Bialczak  – His Highness – The Fantasitic And Superb Syracusian Journalist
Christopher S. Malone – His Highness – The Distinguished And Magnificent Lost Adventurer
Elaine – Her Highness – The One And The Only Fantasticly Yummy Food Bod
Steven Fox – His Lordship – The Marvelous Writer And Poet Extraordinaire
Danny – His Lordship – The Incredible, The Fantastic Blogging Experimenter
Dr Carol Cooper – Her Ladyship – The Eminent Brilliant Doctor And Author Extraordinaire
Ann – Her Highness – The One And The Only Eximious Dating Ann
Nav – His Eminence – The Remarkable Navigator, Exemplary Masculinist And Author Extraordinaire
Irene – Her Highness – The Dazzling Glittering Jewellery Master Designer
Amanda – Her Ladyship – Who’s From One Remarkably Crazy Life To Another

Wowch, that’s a lot of thesaurus work, used up all my blowing smoke up the ass phrases with that, I hope we’ll be able to get these guys/gals back down to earth before the event 🙂


Saturday 18-Jan-2014 :

Start around 09:00 CST, 15:00 GMT … Finish around 16:00 CST, 22:00 GMT

Sunday 19-Jan-2014 :

Start around 09:00 CST, 15:00 GMT … Finish around 16:00 CST, 22:00 GMT

SO, inboxes at the ready, for “THE” blogging event of the year. Some laughs, tears and of course you’ll get to see how my challengers got on with exercising their creative and spontaneity muscles 🙂


Blogging event of the year – ground-breaking improvisation fused with blogging.

Saturday and Sunday – THIS WEEKEND.

You snooze you loose – DON’T MISS IT !


Don Charisma

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Don Charisma Warning Improvised Writing Warning Improvised Writing

32 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – THE UNANSWERABLES – Intraweek Update

  1. I’ve outsourced my pre-hit-comment-button thinking to El Dorado 12 year old rum.

    It’s the new economy.

    I have to send the gf here. At my place I am known as “He who FORGETS TO TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT. (And is bad at yoga.)” There appears to be a disconnect somewhere.

  2. Oh I love this post 😀 – I love the atmosphere and the fun with words you have got going on.
    Got to love the thesaurus 😉 Gonna be such fun reading all the other writes…fun stuff!
    Well done.

    1. Thanks your eminence, shaping up for quite the event … titles and times are secret … oh and just recieved the last submission, so it’s all systems go now getting the schedule ready for the weekend 🙂 cheers DC

    1. Shaping up to be a lot of fun, hoping this time to have all the posts ready in advance, so I can just enjoy the ride too 🙂

      Getting better, still a bit sore, but hopefully it’ll mend 🙂

      Warm regards


      1. Ooooh! Okay! I was confused there for a second. Yeah my grandpa told me that before he died when I was a little girl. I’ve been tellin’ people ever since. Such wise words aren’t they? Might I also add they’re a great pick me up too?

      2. True say … For me it helps remind to stay in the present and not spend so much time in past and future … so live in present and go for holidays in the past and future 🙂

        I’m just scheduling your post … not going to tell you when you are though !

      3. Okay..I don’t mind. It’s more fun not knowing! I’ve coined that phrase to quit stressing over the things I cant control and enjoy what I do have.

      4. I reckon we might be able to build an entire life paradigm with that one saying … and yes, totally, you’re on the right path, well at least I hope so it’s the same on I’m on 🙂



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